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Portable Car GPS
Nextar -03 Portable GPS Navigator

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Nextar GPS would be great if it would update maps


My overall opinion of this GPS is not bad. It is fairly easy to use (though a bit irritating to listen to), but it has not been possible to update the maps since I purchased it over a year ago. It says there are updates available but can't seem to get them. The website is also useless as many models do not show up for updates. Processing Speed It takes a bit to find where you are when you first turn it on. A message comes up stating that it is searching. Map Quality & Accuracy It won't update. My biggest issue with this GPS is that right from the start it would not update. It will say update is available, hook to computer. I do so and it will not update. There have been several times where it gives directions wrong and it is likely because it is not aware that the road has changed. One new road I travel from time to time shows up as us driving through a field of nothing while it tells us to get on a road. Ease of Use It is pretty easy to set your destination. The favorites feature and most recent helps to quickly navigate back home.

Hanover, PA


Nextar is hard to program


I received this Nextar GPS/X3-03 for Christmas, because we moved to SC, and I had no clue how to get around.The first time I used it , it took me45 minutes to go to a store 15 minutes away. We had it set for shortcut, and direct route, and it took me the longest way possible. I also cannot set the time, I called customer service, and went on website, with no reply. Would not recommend this product to anyone. A loser in my eyes.

Summerville, SC


The Nextar X3 Needs Work


The Nextar X3 Portable GPS Navigator does it's job, barely. I purchased it for my husband during a large day after Thanksgiving sale and got it for a really great price. I knew ahead of time that it was not a fancy gps and was expecting it to do it's job and nothing else. After using it for a year I can honestly say this, do not buy one. We have gotten lost, taken the wrong exit, or driven 2 miles out of the way because it could not give precise directions or accurate routes. The volume is almost non-existent we have to constantly watch the screen for the directions. For the first few months the battery would charge and stay charged for several hours, but now we have to leave it plugged into the charger during all trips or it will not turn on. I also could never get the parked car locator function to work, at all. The maps are severely outdated and sometimes streets don't even show up on the map. Seriously, save your money and invest in a better brand.

Lawton, OK


perfect price, does the job, easy to use


I picked this up as a gift for my husband and I have no idea how we ever traveled without it.  It came with everything we needed, very simple to use and of course...gets us where we are going. Would definately recommend to friends.

Midlothian, IL


my nextar x3 is not the best


I received my Nextar GPS X3 as a gift so i shouldnt complain, but it will not stay charged for an entire day trip. twice now we have had to pull over and recharge it on a trip due to the battery failing. when we go on short trips to find a department store or shopping mall, it is excellent. We would recommend it to anyone that only travels short distances and needs to find streets or roads nearby. The music part is great, clear sound and very high definition as far as sound. If by some chance you don't have a good system in your vehicle I would recommend this piece just for the sound quality alone. As I am not mechanically inclined it was also very easy to set up in our vehicle. The directions were very precise and accurate. A great buy for a beginner but not and experienced traveler.

Berwick, PA


Nextar -03 Portable GPS Navigator

3.0 5