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Newman's Own
Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Four Cheese Pizza

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No effort


They should spend more money on a better pizza than the box it comes in. I ate this kind of pizza in middle and highschool. What a waste of money. It's just lazy.

Portland Oregon


Yes, frozen pizza can be tasty


Yes, frozen pizza can be tasty with Newman's foray into the frozen pizza market. Newman's Own thin and crispy four cheese pizza is one of the pizza varieties that Newman's offers. I prefer the cheese variety rather than the meat varieties. With a frozen cheese pizza, I can add my own toppings on the pizza as I see fit. Most often, I add fresh basil and tomatoes. Again, the Newman's Own product lines are made using natural ingredients with no added preservatives. The pizza products are available in most grocery stores and are often on sale. The packaging for the pizza is not ideal, though. A flimsy film of 'saran wrap' encloses the pizza.

Fairfield, CT


a new thin crust , 'tasty'pie


i love this pie, for 6 reasons. 1) it is the best 2) it is fresh , and tasty.3)It comes from a company that donates to charity. 4) quality ingredients 5)the cheese is real.6) NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME HAPPY!

Mill Valley, CA


Best Frozen Pizza hands down!


There's a reason the Newman's Own label is so trusted and popular: They're the best. If Newman's Own calls itself thin and crispy, it is - I can attest to it. One of my biggest criticisms of frozen pizza is that I always have to add extra mozzarella before cooking. Newman's is the first I've tried that doesn't need the extra topping. Oh sure - I *could* add cheese, but it's really not necessary. They don't skimp on the cheese. Nice! I'm also picky about my pizza sauce - no complaints at all on the red stuff here. In fact, I wish they'd sell their pizza sauce separately for when I make my own pizza. One added bonus (at least for me) about this pizza that isn't mentioned on the box - it's small enough that if you cut it in half while still frozen, it fits into a toaster oven so you don't have to heat up a full-sized oven if you just want enough for one. The price is a little high for frozen pizza compared to a lot of others, but I don't generally buy processed foods and the Newman's Own name is one I respect. (Plus, I only buy them on sale and with a coupon. *g*)

Pittsburgh, PA


Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Four Cheese Pizza

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