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Newborn Free
Newborn Free Demi Cap Half Wig: Kelly

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You Better Like Big Hair If You Purchase This Wig!


After seeing hordes of reviews about the Newborn Free Demi Cap Half Wig: Kelly. I decided I would purchase it. At the time this wig was completely out of stock EVERYWHERE. When clairhair.com finally got it in stock I decided I would go ahead and get it. I purchased this product on May 20th. I received it on Jun 3rd. Now don't get me wrong...I have NO problem waiting to receive a quality product. In fact, most of the product lines I order from have a processing time of 10 business days. That's not my issue. My issue is that on the website it says the wait is 2-3 business days. It took much longer than I expected to get this wig from Clairhair, and I never received anything telling me the product was on back order. I have a sorry mail man so I thought at first that maybe he just wasnt delivering it, but it was such an extensive amount of time, that I just went to their website to track my order. When I went to track my order the email address and password I used was not accepted. I KNOW that I was using the correct information because this is the information they used to send me a "Confirmation number" letting me know that they received my order. So after being frustrated i called them, asking about my order. The woman told me that I needed to allow her to have an hour to track my order. I never heard back from her, but I did ironically get my order in the mail the same day. I guess that if my order **didn't** arrive that day she would have never even have called me back or emailed me to tell me where my order was. Honestly, circumstances notwithstanding, I would hope that if it took  longer than they state on their website for a customer to get their order , and the customer was unable to track their package via the website.... the company would at least ASSIST in some way if they could. They didn't help at all! I sat for a couple of hours not even knowing for sure whether they even sent out my product or not. You receive NOTHING when they ship out your stuff. All you get is this confirmation number when you first place your order letting you know that they accepted your payment. No update or anything. So when I finally opened up the bag to see the wig I was sorta disappointed. First off, I ordered the wig in shade "2" which we all know is a lighter brown and slightly reddish color. What I received was something more close to a 1b. The top part of the wig is slightly frizzy waves, somewhat similar to if you were to do a twist out on** straightened** hair, and the bottom half of the wig is a bunch of rod-like curls. So the wig is a mix of defined curls and undefined waves....what a great recipe for tangles. When I put it on, the first thing I thought of was Mufasa from the Lion king. this wig is ridiculously too big. The front of the wig is fine, but if you turn to the side it's so fluffed out and long it immediately looks fake. Especially considering the fact that the wig is a weird mix of curls and frizzy waves. You can't even finger comb the curls to make them LOOK more like waves. I really tried to work with this wig...really I did. I put pomade, and gels on it to try and flatten it out. Nothing worked it's just big as all get out. So I finally had to cut it. I cut it in length and then thinned it out a bit. Now it's much better but I would have preferred to not have had to compromise the length just to get rid of the ridiculous volume. I know this wig is going to tangle. At first glance it looks like the perefect wig for natural haired curlies for a summer look, but in between the bad customer service at clairhair and the fact that the product has to be "worked on" in order to be wearable...I can't say I would advise or would even purchase again.    


Chevy Chase, MD


Newborn Free Demi Cap Half Wig: Kelly

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