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NewAir Portable Air Conditioner

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NewAir portable air conditioner doesn't cool very well


This NewAir portable air conditioner cannot cool a very large room.  Prior to getting this air conditioner I had a very small, cheap window air conditioner in the same room and it actually cooled much better.  It is fine for a very small area but cannot handle anything greater.  The exhaust hose situation is really not very good for people who have small children.  They appear to be too tempting.  I also had a problem with the window piece melting out of shape from the heat of the exhaust.  My personal experience has brought me to the conclusion that window air conditioners are still the best way to go.  Technically it is portable but even with wheels it is not very easy to maneuver around especially on a carpetted area.  Overall, I would not recommend this air conditioner unless it was to cool a small closed in area and there was some reason that a window air conditioner could not be used.  These cost about three times more and cool much less.

Hanover, PA


Must be small room!


For a portable, I suppose this isn't that bad. In general though, portables (like this one) are just not worth it to me. Window units work. These don't. Simple as that. Wouldn't suggest using the **NewAir ACP-1000E Portable Air Conditioner**  unless it is being used for a small location. Anything larger then a small bedroom just wont get cool enough for comfort.

Glendale, CA


ok if you only have one small room to cool


it is ok but if you put it in a room to cool a big area good luck .it will only cool just a few feet around it. i tried to put it in my living room and it was cool only around the air conditioner. but i put it in my bedroom with the door closed and works great keeps it one temp. if you have a large area to cool i would not recomend this product.

Mobile, AL


NewAir Portable Air Conditioner

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