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New York Color
New York Color Waterproof Mascara - Jet Black #873

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Thick and Clumpy


This NY Mascara was the cheapest one available in Walmart. During use I found out to be thick and clumpy. It is possible that it was quite old, but how does one know about the expiry/production date of any cosmetic product in the store! I dont recommend it!

Plano, TX


New York Color Waterproof Mascara makes my lashes look great.


This mascara is great. It makes my lashes look full without making them look like they're fake. I went swimming and the mascara didn't make me look like a raccoon, thank goodness. Jet Black is the color I used. I'm really liking this waterproof mascara. Sometimes the mascara can clump up a bit, so I had to adjust it a little. The color that this mascara adds to my eyes is great.

Manitowoc, WI


As usual, NYC disappoints.


I've yet to find a NYC product that is satisfactory. The biggest benefit here is the price - it's always pretty cheap. But it's for a good reason. This mascara doesn't coat lashes evenly, for one thing. The brush is frustrating to use and getting a good amount on your lashes takes repeated applications. I applied a different brand of mascara over the top of it after several attempts to make it work. I have fairly thick lashes too, so I can't imagine the frustration for consumers with fewer or shorter lashes. The color was atleast nice and dark, after applying it many times. However it flaked in such an obnoxious way that I had little black specs of makeup under my eyes several times during the day, and every time I bumped my lashes with a hand I would have makeup on my fingers as well. The bottle is poorly designed and is always a mess after use. I can't recall if the label said it was waterproof but it doesn't matter because the second my eyes watered I had streams of NYC mascara running down my face. Not very pleased with this product, but as I said, I've yet to find a product of theirs to be very good.

Niverville, NY


n.y.c waterproof mascara is the only one I use!!


Not having much time some days to get ready myself, having two little ones to get ready, I don't very often do my makeup. But over the past 7 years, I have not been using anything but new york color mascara, as well as eyeliner. I know a lot of people think not taking your makeup off at the end of the day is gross, but I will admit that there are some days that I do forget to take it off and just fall asleep at the end of the day. So for being a busy mommy when I forget sometimes then next day beleive it or not it is still in the same place I put it the day before, and I have actually gotten compliments on my makeup looking good the second day around. It is waterproof too. A lot say they are but really they are not. This stuff isn't lying. It is a great value for your money too. I pay only a couple bucks for one tube of it and it lasts me about 3 - 4 months and thats using it every day. I love this stuff and honestly think it's awesome. I recommend the pearlized black!!

Traverse City, MI


New York Color Waterproof Mascara - Jet Black #873

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