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New Pearl
New Pearl Drops Triple Action Whitening Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

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I tried this stuff and man was I surprised when my teeth started breaking and literally just falling out, I was told by my dentist that this stuff will eat away your enamel and destroy your teeth. Within 3 months of using it I started having major problems with my teeth and the trouble is not over yet! Do not use it or you will be sorry!



Family has been using Pearl Drops for YEARS


First discovered this lovely brand over twenty years ago when I saw it sitting on the counter of my aunts bathroom counter. Being the nosey kid that I was, I tried it. I LOVED it. It made my teeth so smooth and tasted wonderful too. From then on it became a staple in our household too. We didn't use it as an everyday toothpaste at my Aunt's recommendation, because it is a bit abrasive. Despite what packaging says, I wouldn't use it more than about two times a week. The smoothness does last a couple days. It seems to succeed at removing some of the stubborn plaque that toothpaste fails too. I'm not sure how to describe the taste exactly. It IS definitely minty, but not that overpowering, clear your sinuses mint you find in SO many toothpastes today. The taste hasn't changed in almost thirty years for a reason, they got it right! Give it a try. Caution: may cause you to kick your teeth in amazement throughout the day...take care not to send anyone unwanted signals! Haha



Another ho hum toothpaste with big claims.


***Quick View:*** If you read through my review, you will see I am an oral hygiene and teeth whitening freak. I want the freshest and whitest teeth I can get without damaging my teeth. This toothpaste isn't all that. I wasn't impressed by it at all.***About New Pearl Drops Triple Action Whitening Anticavity Fluoride ToothPaste***The **New Pearl Drops Toothpast**e doesn't seem any different from the old one. It is just a tube of toothpaste that is supposed to whiten and brighten teeth and remove surface stains. I think it is quite mild both in flavor and in results. The flavor is a spearmint that reminds me of Pepto Bismol. Ew. The whitening doesn't seem to be any different than any toothpaste. I used a whole tube exclusively and I didn't see much improvement and my breath smelled like medicine.The toothpaste doesn't hurt my sensitive tooth, which is a plus, but it also really doesn't do much. I think* Rembrandt* and other brands have far surpassed **Pearl Drops**. Remember years ago when the girl on TV would slick her tongue over her teeth and tell us our teeth aren't clean unless they feel slippery? You probably don't. I'm old. Well that was their claim to fame. The slick teeth theory and, while it is true that gritty teeth aren't clean teeth, there is more to clean, fresh teeth than that. This toothpaste is expensive and average.***My Viewpoint***I prefer* Rembrandt* toothpaste over **Pearl Drops** and there are others that work better as well for whitening and stains. For fresh breath, **Pearl Drops** loses more points. It's weak. It doesn't leave a fresh taste in my mouth at all. I gotta go with 3 stars. It's average and overpriced.

The heart of , NY


Pearl drops is a nice toothpaste.


Pearl drops is a nice toothpaste that gets the job done. My teeth are not bad - i dont drink coffee or smoke, only tea. Well, sodas and juices too. I didnt want to get a professional whitening, just something that I can take care of at home on my own time.

Plainfield, IL


If only my teeth were truly white from this toothpaste


Not crazy about this toothpaste at all. I am very disappointed that Pearl Drops replaced their old product with this lesser subsitute.  My teeth don't even really feel clean after using the New Pearl Drops Triple Action Whitening Anticavity Floruide Toothpaste.  The old pearl drops that is now only available online made my teeth sparkling white and lickably clean.  Way to go and ruin another great product!

Los Angeles, CA


New Pearl Drops Triple Action Whitening Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

3.0 5