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New Mexico State University - Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D's, Certificates

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Degrees available that can be completed completely online!!


New Mexico State University offers several degree programs in several areas that can all be completed entirely online if you already hold an AA or AAS degree. Instructors are wonderful and experienced in their fields and competent with the computer Web CT program they use as a virtual classroom. Instructors are active in their respective fields, which keeps their virtual classroom instruction as up-to-date as possible. Several national honor society programs are active at NMSU along with regular honors classes and programs. Instructors are very active in these types of things and encourage students to get involved and are happy to answer any questions students might have about honors programs or any other questions students may have, no matter how small or complicated they may be. Students in the virtual classrooms are from all across the nation, some are local students that are taking online classes at the same time as taking classes on campus. This all contributes to an extremely diverse student body, allowing for an online learning experience that is unparalelled when compared with a traditional classroom setting. You will be exposed to diverse viewpoints that are not imposed on you, but  allow you to widen your world-view in an educational and constructive way. Classes are set up in two semesters per year with two summer sessions and all classes are three credits. Online classes are rotated in manner so as to make required classes available to students weather they are full-time, half-time, or even quarter-time so students can graduate on time according to their own personal goals.  A few stumbling blocks I have experienced are with the administrative staff, record keeping departments, and having trouble calling the university directly and being transferred constantly only to be hung up on. For me is has been frustrating at times, but when weighed against the other advantages, it is well worth the occasional hassle. NMSU is really one stop shopping for education. You can attain your Bachelor's degree and continue on to a Master's program without having to change schools, and in some cases you can even move on to get your Ph. D.! Programs and classes are expanding so the list of available online degrees will continue to grow.

Andover, MN


New Mexico State University - Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D's, Certificates

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