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New Lifestyles
New Lifestyles Digi-walker SW-701

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Good Digi-Walker


I bought this to keep a tab on my walking and lose some pounds. It was nice, until it got wet in the rain. Not so great for outside use, because the cover falls off easily, and then you have to find it. Overall, a good buy.

Harvard, MA


great and easy to use


This pedometer is easy to use.  I walked a few miles just to check it out and it was right on.  I keep checking it during the day to see where I am on increasing my steps.  VERY affordable and more bang for the buck.  Make sure that your jeans or pants do not "roll" at the waistband.  Pedometer does not work if upside down.  I found this out the hard way.  Now I make sure I wear a belt with those pants.

San Antonio, TX


New Lifestyles Digi-walker SW-701

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