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New Home
HF 1012
New Home Sewing machine

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Reliable Machine


This was my first sewing machine that was given to me by my grandmother. It wasn't anything fancy, but it got the job done. I used this as a beginner in sewing, so I started off sewing things like pillows, aprons, hemming my jeans and skirts. It was easy to use and lasted for quite a while. I did have a couple problems with the needle breaking and the tension being too tight. Also, the piece that holds the spool of thread broke off and I had to "make" my own part, as they do not sell that piece by itself. I figured it out and the machine kept on for about 10 years. I finally got rid of it and bought a Singer. If you are a beginner and are looking to start sewing, I would recommend this machine. It's a reasonably priced machine for regular, every day sewing. For more challenging sewing projects, like corsets and bridal wear, I would suggest a different machine like Singer. Other than that though, I had no problems at all with my machine.

Lockport, LA


So reliable I would buy it again


I've had this sewing machine now for over a decade!  (wow, longer than I thought!)  Back in 1996 I decided I needed a sewing machine so that I could save some money.  I envisioned making clothes and curtains and things for the house, and that this would save us money.  (Turns out that buying fabric can often cost MORE than going out and buying something standard.) In any case, this machine has been perfect for my needs.  I have made curtains and duvet covers... I have made jackets and formal gowns.  I have hemmed and fitted many different outfits. However, I am still what I would call a beginners.  I don't understand what all of those different stich patterns are for.  (I use the regular stitching, the offest, and the zigzag.)  The zipper foot has someing in very handy!  Winding the bobbin is a cinch, and threading the machine is very easy! My only difficulty has been in making button holes; despite the special foot and the specialized settings for doing so - I have never been pleased with the outcome. 

Garden City, MI


HF 1012 is a good basic machine.


New Home sewing machine #HF 1012 is an excelent machine.  With 45 years of experience in sewing I find myself using this machine more and more often. It is easy to adjust and has thirteen different stich patterns to choose from plus using these patterns with needle in three different positions. Of course it does straight stitch and zig zag. The blind hem stitch is one I particualy like for hemming mens pants. There is a triple Strenght Stitch witch sews two stitches forward and one stitch back.  This forms a seam that is not easily ripped.  Be sure to baste for fitting garment before seaming. There is an overedge stitch for giving elasticity for to provide the greatest amount of elasticity  when sewing stretch fabrics. It will make buttonholes with a built in setting.  I have a separate  buttonhole attachment but find I never use it anymore - no need.  You can do darning  and sew on buttons. For someone who is looking for a first or basic sewing machine this is a good buy.

Philadelphia, PA


New Home Sewing machine

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