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New Chapter
New Chapter Tumeric Force

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Excellent product for inflammation and general health


New Chapter really is the best vitamin and supplement brand out there, and I've tried many. Their products are all food-sourced as opposed to artificially engineered or isolated through chemical processing. I take this turmeric supplement regularly for the overall antioxidant benefit. However there are times when I take a higher dose, several times over the course of a day, in order to address specific symptoms. This is something my naturopathic-bent doctor recommended. For back pain (related to nerves and spinal compression issue) I find this product really reduces inflammation and makes me more comfortable after 6-12 hours. I also use a higher medicinal dose for occasional migraine-like headaches and for inflammation of plantar fasciitis. The common thread in all these is essentially that the turmeric is an outstanding natural painkiller and reduces inflammation dramatically. I also know that there's little to no chance of toxicity or damage, as the herb is very safe and supportive of health and immunity.



Organic and fabulous!


New Chapter is an up and coming company and it surprises me that there aren't more of their fabulous products to review here.  Tumericforce is not just natural - it's organic - and made of an herb that is one of the little known great cancer retardants.  It is easy to take in a completely organic capsule of a small enough size to make it easy for anyone to swallow, including people who take New Chapter's Tiny Tabs multivitamins because they have trouble swallowing regularly sized pills.  My husband and I take Tumericforce every day and wouldn't do without it.  I go out of my way to buy New Chapter's products.  Between the lack of chemical contamination and New Chapter's commitment to the environment, all of their products are well worth the price.  After all, why skimp when it comes to your health and the health of our planet?  I wish that all of the supplements that I take were made by New Chapter.  With the new products they have coming out, I hope that, before too long, everything I take will be made by New Chapter.

Brattleboro, VT


New Chapter Tumeric Force

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