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New Chapter
New Chapter Fish Oil

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I like this fish oil, an it is comparable to others I've tried.


I take New Chapter Fish Oil daily as part of my vitamin routine, and I have found that I like the addition of this supplement. The price point is comparable to the other fish oils I have tried, and the pills are easy to swallow. The product does not hurt my stomach, and seems easily digested. However, as is the problem with many other fish oils, I burp up the taste of the fish oil sometimes, which is not pleasant. So, I take the pills at night and it doesn't seem to be an issue. The smell aside, I feel good since starting to take New Chapter Fish Oil capsules, and I will definitely continue taking them. New Chapter is a great company that does not put fillers and chemicals into their products- no maltodextrin or other chemicals I don't fully understand the meaning of or pronunciate correctly. I can count on this product to be pure and have quality ingredients (GMO free, too!).



Taking for wrists


I have been taking this fish oil with each meal in an attempt to help my wrists since I work in a job that requires heavy typing.  So far it has not been having much of an effect.  One major downside is that I burp the taste of fish oil fairly often and it tastes sooo disgusting, and I am sure that it does not smell that appealing to my friends and co-workers. The pills are also bigger than I like and a little tough to swallow so if you have any problem swallowing pills then this probably is not for you.  I also would not recommend chewing this, yuck!  My friend claims that he takes about 18 a day and it does wonders for his joints, but I have a hard time forcing down that many so I am not too sure if that claim is accurate, but it is possible I suppose.  I also am not sure about this but I think this affects me when I go to use the bathroom, something just seems different dependent on how many I have been taking, but this is also not the only pill I take so there could be some concert going on there.

Santa Monica, CA


Not such a great supplement!


New Chapter fish oil was purchased for me by my wife to help me with my bone/joint issues I have been having. I also heard that fish oil is good for your heart. This particular brand of fish oil is awful. I am not feeling any difference after a full month of taking the pill each day. The pills absolutely reek of fish and it is truly disgusting. All day I am burping at work and I cannot control it. It's awful. The fish oil pills are also quite large and a bit difficult to swallow. You also need to wash your hands immediately after touching the pill because otherwise, you yourself will smell of fish all day. I would not recommend these pills to anyone, as they have only made my life worse, not better. I do recommend trying the Nature Made brand. Those seem to work for other people I know. The New Chapter fish oil pills are just not a good deal for anyone and will not help improve bone, joint, or heart health at all in my opinion.

Mcadoo, PA


don't know


New Chapter Fish Oil I don't really know what to say about. The price is comparable to other Fish Oil. If it does what is claims then it is well worth the money. I don't know if it works or not. I don't really know anything about the company so I don't know if is reputable or not. I always here that some vitamins or nutrional supplements are phony. I guess I fall into the trap that is if it is expensive it really works and if it is inexpensive it doesn't work, but I know that is not always the case. New Chapter Fish Oil is hard to find in the stores by me. I have never looked online for it, but I would imagine it can easily be found online. Basically overall I don't know wheter or not this product works anymore than I know if any other vitamin or nutritional supplement works or not. The price seems to be fair or I guess I should say comparable to other products with similar claims. That is why I gave it an average score.

San Marcos, CA


I hate burping fish oil!


Many of us over extend ourselves and then have to supplement to get as close to a good balance as we can and I am no different.  It was suggested that I take fish oil along with the regular vitamins that I take.   I honestly have no idea what it's supposed to do for you and it may be doing exactly that but I have a serious problem with burping a nasty aftertaste when I take it.  It smells bad, tastes bad and I just can't get past it. I don't even know if it's supposed to cause this burping issue but it's just gross.  I haven't tried another brand so again I don't know if it's the product in general or if it's just this particular brand but as disgusting as it is, no matter what benefit it's supposed to provide, I am going to pass. The price is right in line with the others I saw on the shelf so I guess it's a good and reasonable value for the money but unless you are ok with some stinky nasty tasting burps, I'd say steer clear of this one.

Jacksonville, FL


New Chapter Fish Oil

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