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New Age Garden™
New Age Garden™ ecoFLEX 36" Window Box


ecoFLEX window boxes are all made from New Age’s exclusive ecoFLEX composite material composed of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fibers that retains the positive assets of both materials and none of the downsides. In addition to being truly green, ecoFLEX offers a long list of benefits starting with extended durability. Since they are AllProof, they are resistant to any and all natural causes. They are moisture proof, won’t dry rot and can’t be infested by insects. Additionally, they are extremely stable and won’t warp, split or crack. ecoFLEX is also completely non-toxic and is naturally anti-microbial. New Age ecoChoice planters are engineered for easy assembly in minutes without the need to open to tool box. ecoFLEX has a high wood content so it can be painted with any exterior latex paint or stained with multiple applications of an oil based stain. Sized to work with any available window box brackets. Attractive and styled to work with almost any exterior design scheme, their longevity makes them the best buy in planters. 10 year warranty against defect & deterioration. 36 wide x 7.58 deep x 7.5 high

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Great planter with one small alteration


I purchased a couple of New Age Garden Ecoflex Window Boxes to plant a couple of flowers outside my windows and I was initially disappointed with the design, but it appears that they will last a long time. I wasn't thrilled with the side clips because they felt very flimsy and came undone with little force, but after installing another side support clip it feels extremely sturdy. I am impressed with the amount of dirt this planter can hold without bending. I worried that the little drainage hole underneath the box wouldn't be sufficient enough during a heavy rain, but it does a great job of dispelling water at a slow but consistent rate, which keeps the planter light and the flowers nourished. I was also impressed with this planters resiliency to snow. Three to four inches of snow would collect on this box during the winter on countless occasions and it remained structurally sound. I would definitely recommend the New Age Garden Ecoflex Window box because it is easy to assemble, lightweight, durable, and can be customized.

Westchester, IL


New Age Garden™ ecoFLEX 36" Window Box

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