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Neutrogena Skin Clearing Face Wash for Men

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great face wash- steal it from your boyfriend!


I started using Nutragena for men skin clearing face wash when my boyfriend was over and now I'm hooked.   It has a nice gel texture to it and it feels nice when you wash your face.  A little goes a long way and you don't have to dump a large dallop into your hand to get clean.  I generally use just the smallest squirt and it works nicely.  My favorite things about it is the fresh smell and light tingle you feel when you wash.  It's supposed to be manly and well it is seeing as it's marketed for men but really men and women can probably use similar face washes.  Acutally I have pretty good skin and I don't really need to wash my face that much but this is my choice when  I do.  I really like the smell becasue it's slightly minty and i don't feel like i am washing my face with a pinapple or a cuccumber or something weird like that.  i would definately recommend this to both men and women. 

Pasadena, CA


Neutrogena Skin Clearing Face Wash for Men

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