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Neutrogena Anti Aging Cream

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neutrogena makes gentle, effective, inexpensive anti-aging skin


I have sensitive skin. Some of these type products make my skin sting. However, Neutrogena stays true to their reputation with this cream. I am really happy to have found it! The texture of the cream and its scent are both light. It absorbs quickly and refreshes my skin after cleansing. My skin has changed its texture and sensitivity through the years. I prefer this product because it is gentle to my skin, refreshes the tightness after I wash my face, and it is light and absorbs well. I am happy to have found a familiar brand that makes a reasonably-priced skin cream that is widely available in drug stores and discount department stores.


Waxhaw, NC


neutrogena anti agle


Neutrogena Anti aging lotion is the best stuff i have every used. I was loyal to only olay. Then i did a survey on Neutrogena's cream. I love it . I would recommon it to anyone, I'm 51 years old and had wrinklines of course we don't want. It help with my wrinkles my face is so soft and always feels good and clean. I haven't used my olay since and i loved it. You gotta try it. It is so good. I'm sure you will love it the same as I do. It's a wonderful product. Try it out you will love it. sweetsherrys IN WV


Saint Albans, WV


neutrogena agings creams work great stops your skin from aging!


I have been using neutrogena creams night and day and they work great . I do not look 53 I have no crows feet and my skin never looked better. If I only would have started using them 25 years ago I would still look 25. The newernight creams are just so good your skin feels like silk and when you wake you can see and feel how good it works. NEUTROGENA BEATS ALL THE OTHERS BY ALONG ONE!


Smiths Creek, MI


Neutragena antiaging cream worked for years with no irritation


I used Neutrogena Anti-Aging cream for many years and that's because it worked for me.  No matter the cost, on sale or not each month I'd purchase this product.  It's not every day you come across something that does what it claims it is suppose to do.   I found that it smooth my skin, kept it wrinkle free and kept me looking younger; but I also exersiced and ate well. So  I used this product for over 10 years.  I am now older, going through menopause and am in the process of finding something that works for menopausal skin.  But I have recommended the Neutrogena Anti-Aging cream to others.  It did not irritate my skin. I followed the recommended directions.  One of the main ingredient is a Vitamin "A" product, but Neutrogena Anti-Aging cream does offer the same product for "Sensitive Skin" and also one for blemishes.  Give it a try.  You'll be glad you did.


Bristol, CT


Neutrogena Anti Aging Cream

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