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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45

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Neutrogena nailed it


I LOVE this sunblock. Neutrogena always makes good products but this one in particular is one of my favorites. It has a higher SPF than a lot of the spray sunblocks which makes me feel better and more protected but it works great. Scent This doesn't have that particular sunblock scent that reminds me of summer but the scent isn't by any means unpleasant. It kind of has a baby powder tinge to it but it pleasant and muted. Absorption This is one of the fastest absorbing sunscreens on the market. I usually end up spraying myself twice because it dries so quickly that I'm never sure if I missed places. There is no greasy feeling afterwards which is great if you're prone to breakouts. My boyfriend has horribly acne prone skin so this is perfect for him. Ease of Application Spraying cuts down on a lot of application time that you waste with lotion based sunblocks. The downside is you often have to do two coats because it dries so quickly that you might not be sure you covered everything.




Lightweight, easy to use, refreshing spray!


Absolutely love this product!! Scent Very light scent that isn't like the typical sunscreen smell. Absorption I don't believe that this rubs in all the way as it just sprays on, but it leaves a light mist and I like how it goes on. It gives the body a hint of shimmer almost. Longevity I use sunscreen a lot, and often, so a bottle doesn't have an extremely long lifetime. I used a whole bottle on a weeklong trip, applying everyday, often two or three times a day. Effectiveness My skin is very sensitive to the sun and I have not been burned once while using this product! Ease of Application Very easy to spray on. Sometimes when you are near the bottom of the can, it's difficult to spray sideways or upside-down.


Redford, MI


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45

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