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Volumizing Conditioner
Neutrogena Triple Renewal Conditioner

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Excellent conditioner!


This brand always makes incredible products and this conditioner is no different. This is an excellent conditioner. It is one of my all time favorites and I have used a ton of conditioners. This one makes my hair look incredible. It really works to repair damage done to your hair. At the same time, it gives it a ton of moisture. My hair looked better after using this one time. I would highly recommend this product. It is absolutely worth the price you pay for it. It is a very high quality product. I will definitely be using it again. My hair has never looked as good as it did while I was using this. Effectiveness It is one of the most effective at moisturizing your hair and making it look awesome. My hair was incredibly soft and smooth after using it. The damage done to my ends looked better after each use. It is incredibly effective. Scent The scent is great. It will leave your hair smelling great throughout the entire day.



leaves hair so soft


This conditioner from Neutrogena is exactly what my hair needs. My hair takes a beating with the flat iron and hairdryer and it needs moisture. This conditioner does just that, gives it moisture. After washing and conditioning my hair feels so smooth, tangle free and soft. It smells great too. I love when I put my hair up with freshly washed hair and the scent is still strong in my hair by the end of the day. It makes me feel like I just stepped out of the shower. It boasts of featherweight conditioners that nourish and protect for strength and shine, and I believe it does just that. I have nothing bad to say about this conditioner, it's exactly what my hair needs.

Round Lake, IL


Neutrogena Triple Renewal Conditioner is just ok


I am currently using the Neutrogena Triple Renewal shampoo and conditioner combo, and I really don't think it's the best hair products out there. The combination is just okay. I was previously using the Loreal Everstrong shampoo and conditioner combo, and this Neutrogena combo do not seem to be up to par to the loreal pair. I don't really know if it's just me, but it seems like the shampoo doesn't clean my hair as much as I want it to. I understand that bubbles don't necessarily mean cleansing, but this product doesn't even spread when I lather it on to my scalp! I have shoulder length hair and use almost two quarter-sized squeezes of the shampoo, but this amount still isn't enough for my entire head. I have to use more product just to cover my scalp area. On top of this, it doesn't leave my hair smelling good enough to sniff after my shower. As for the conditioner, when I was using Loreal, my hair actually felt stronger and healthier after a couple of washes. Also, it felt like my hair was protected from the daily environmental damages (sun, dirt, etc) it goes through. With Neutrogena, however, it seems like my hair is back to being more breakage and frizz-prone. My hair looks dry and damaged again. I just have to finish these tubes cause they are pricey! Then I will be going back to Loreal.

Torrance, CA


Triple strength conditioner is good for its value.


I bought Neutrogena's triple renewal conditioner at a drugstore because it was on sale for BOGO. It claims to volumize, strengthen, and restore shine to your hair. After using this for the past year, I'm not sure if it really does all that. But nonetheless, it is good for it's value. It does a nice job conditioning your hair so that it doesn't feel so dry when you finish washing your hair. It is very lightweight formula so it doesn't weigh your hair down, hence it's "volumizing" function. It has a nice smell to it, not very overpowering. It easily lathers when you add water to it. The packaging is very nice: a sleek cream colored tube with purple cap. After using this conditioner, I didn't get dandruff like I would with other drugstore brands like Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner. Overall, Neutrogena is a reliable brand for hair products in addition to its more established skin care line. Give this a try when it goes on sale!

New York, NY


Neutrogena Triple Renewal Conditioner

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