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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream

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Great product


I have been using Neutrogena Triple Moisture silk touch leave-in cream for several years now and I never get tired of it. I use it in my towel dried hair immediately after showering and I find it makes brushing my long hair easier and helps reduce frizz. Many times I will use this without any additional products in my hair and it helps to tame the fly aways well. It has a great clean fresh scent that it not overpowering but leaves my hair smelling good the rest of the day. I definitely recommend this to others. Effectiveness This works great for mildly to moderate frizzy hair. It keeps my hair soft but it does not cause it to look or feel greasy or heavy like some other serums tend to do. It also helps reduce the tangles and makes brushing easier. Scent This is one of my favorite aspects of the conditioner. My husband still comments that he likes the way my hair smells after I use this product.




I usually use this before I go to bed.


I really don't like to use leave-in treatments and then style my hair as normal. I find that it makes my hair very heavy and I don't like the way that it feels at all, so I usually will shower at night, put this product in, go to sleep and then rinse it out the next morning. That gives this product time to really soak into my hair follicles and it makes it feel absolutely amazing. I recommend using this at night the way that I do if your hair is a bit thin or wavy, because this can really suck the volume right out. Other than that, I think that this truly works, it makes my hair smooth and shiny which I really like.




My #1 Favorite Leave-In Conditioner


This leave-in conditioner works well for me as a leave-in and as a rinse out after shampooing. I have 4 foot long hair, it's very important to me to try products that will make living with it easier. This is one such product. It makes comb out a lot more of a breeze and leaves my hair soft without weighing it down. Effectiveness I can't complain at all about how well this product treats my hair. My hair dries soft and silky with fantastic manageability. Scent The scent is pleasant (to me.) I don't find it overpowering or perfumey in any way. Just smells good and clean to me.


Jackson, NJ


Adds Moisture and Softness to Hair without Heavy Oils


I relax my hair every 8 - 10 weeks, so I need a good leave-in moisturizer to keep my hair conditioned. I tried using Organic Root Olive Oil Hair Lotion, but it was too thick and heavy for my hair. So, I bought a bottle of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Cream to try instead. The only downside is that the moisturizing sheen doesn't last long so I don't get the shine that I like. To remedy that, I add a drop of Watts Moroccan Gold argan oil to the cream and I get a perfect (for me) amount of light moisture, conditioning softness, and lasting shine. Effectiveness Unlike the thick Olive Oil lotion that has a tendency to flake, this Neutrogena cream is very lightweight and has barely any residue. It may be too lightweight for coarse or badly damaged hair, but it worked well for my slightly-fine hair. Scent The scent is pleasant and very subtle. It's not overpowering or cloying in any way.


Chicagoland, IL


Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream


First when I received the product I didn't expect that its going to work, because I tried so much products (garnier, pantene, loreal, sunsilk, and so many ther brands. I also tried biosilk which is way much expensive than this one and it didn't work because when I used it without straightening my hair it looked like a miss plus it has an oily texture which made my hair looks dirty. But when I tried Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Leave-In cream on my frizzy hair I was amazed because it immediatly made my curls beautifull and smooth, it returned life and moisture to my hair. Plus it has a very nice apricot smell that would last for a long time. Its the best hair product I ever used. I bought a bottle of this product for my mom and she definetly likes it too . Girl or guy try it and you won't regret it will help you in any bad hair day managing your hair effortlessly I would recommend it to any one


Dearborn Heights, MI


It works !


This product does its job. It is a great moisturizer for my relaxed African American hair. The reason that I gave it four stars instead of five is because it's more expensive than other leave-ins that work just as well, and it doesn't smell as good.   EDIT: I find that it works better for me in the weeks after getting a fresh touch up. It doesn't do much when I'm over six weeks post.


Matthews, NC


Great Hair Moisturizer


I am a huge fan of hair products, because often I have dry and damaged hair and I always want it to look its best after shampooing.  This **Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream** is an amazing product for your hair and adds a lot of shine.  I love that this product is a leave-in product so you don't have to worry about rinsing it out and the effects last a long time.  I use this product a few times a week after my shampoo and it has dramatically changed the condition of my hair.  The cream is easy to apply and only a little is needed for all of your hair.  This product is perfect for fighting frizz and adding shine.  It helps get rid of damaged ends and doesn't feel heavy or greasy on your locks.  It has a clean and fresh scent and is easily absorbed in your hair so all you have is great looking hair.  This is a great way to get rid of dryness and add moisture and shine and very fast and easy to use.


Las Vegas, NV


Neutrogena Leave-In Cream - a must for textured hair!


You know how it is ladies - if you were born with curly hair you wish it were straight and vice versa.  Born with straight hair, Mom gave me perms when I was 7 and 8.  The rods would be removed and there would be some wave that was completely gone the next day (that's why she quit after 2 years). Oh how I dreamed of having soft, curly hair.  When I was in my 20's, I tried a perm again, this time at a salon and it worked!  I look(ed) great with curly hair.  But as I got older it was harder to "soften" my hair from the harsh chemicals used in texturizing hair. I was watching a "Two and A Half Men" repeat one night and "Charlie" was angry because his housekeeper bought the wrong hair conditioner when she did the shopping.  "This isn't leave-in conditioner.  I want my conditioner!"  Leave-in conditioner?  I didn't know they existed because my hair was straight at the time.  The next day, I made an appointment to have a spiral perm and then went and bought "Neutrogena Triple Moisture" leave-in hair conditioner. There were a few to choose from but I have always trusted the Neutrogena brand so I decided to give it a try. The first time I used it, my husband said "Wow, I can't believe how nice your hair looks."  Then he touched it, and ran his fingers through my hair.  "Your hair usually is very dry after your perms but this time it feels great!"  Thanks, "Charlie Harper, for teaching me about leave-in hair conditioners, and thanks to Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Conditioner for hair you can run your fingers through!  ♥  


Saint Louis, MO


Didn't do anything ~LOVE the SERUM- This doesn't compare at all


As I often look for some new hair product to add moisture to my hair, stop the frizzies in summertime, and condition even more above my washing conditioner, for blow-dryer time, I saw thei neutrogena Leave-In Conditioner and thought I would try it out, since I ADORE and SWEAR by the Neutrogena Hair serum. But unlike the Neutrogena Hair Serum (I left a review for that product for you to see), which is the BEST serum I have ever tried, in every way you wish a serum to perform, this Leave-In conditioner was a big disappointment. I dont think it did a thing at all for my hair, and also if anything as soon as it goes on my long, fine but abundant hair -lol, it seems to even leave it feeling drier than without it on.  It has an odd feel too it, and doesnt show any results to adding moisture at all. So although I will rave and recommend the Serum version of this line to anyone I know or who asks - lol, This one I would say - don't waste your money. Its just not worth it, try another one instead.


New York, NY


A must-have moisturizer!!


I used ot use this on a regular basis but it has been awhile now. I'm planning to go back to it because out of all the moisturizers I've tried for my hair this is one of the best!! The triple moisture shampoo and conditioner are also wonderful!! It's a little pricey for a moisturizer but it's worth it. As soon as I put this on my hair it's instantly smooth and manageable!! If you have hair that usually needs detangling, it won't with this. Just use it straight out of the shower and you'll be good. For the record, I have 4a kinky curly coarse hair and it works like a dream for me!! In my opinion it's best used on a daily basis before bed and then wrap your hair up with a silk scarf :) A little bit also goes a long way so the bottle really lasts awhile. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of Neutrogenia's skin care products but they really went all out with the triple moisture hair care products. You won't be sorry with this one. The UV protection is also an added bonus. Don't know too many hair products with that!


Tampa, FL


Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream

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