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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Dry Scalp Soothing Shampoo

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This is a great shampoo for sensitive scalps.


I bought this shampoo as a replacement for a more expensive shampoo that was from a salon. I really liked the idea of having something on hand when my sensitive scalp was sore and giving me problems. It always hurts right after I dye my hair and having this shampoo on hand really helped that problem. I use it mainly on my scalp, not the rest of my hair. If I let it soak in for about two minutes and then rinse, I notice a marked difference in the soreness of my scalp. I have always like Neutrogena's products and this is no exception. I do not use it all the time, just when my scalp is bothering me. It also really helps with dry scalps. My husband uses it when his scalp is extra dry. For the most part, he uses regular dandruff shampoo and it is fine, but sometimes he needs the extra oomph that Nuetrogena's Triple Moisture Dry Scalp Soothing Shampoo offers. I would definitely recommend this product if you have issues with a sensitive or very dry scalp.



Best on the market!


I have the frizziest and the most dry damaged hair in the world and have tried so many products I can't even count to try to find something that can possibly help this horrible problem! I have tried the expensive stuff and nothing worked. One Christmas my best friend sent me this product and I was skeptical but let me tell you this is a miracle! My hair is so soft, less frizzy and super easy to brush after getting out of the shower now. The smell is amazing too, it lathers really nicely and makes you feel clean! I recommend using it along with the conditioner for that added moisture. Both together is great but even just with the shampoo your hair will be soft and happy! Granted it's slightly pricey but you don't need to use much so it lasts a while and is totally worth it! If you have my problem just give this a try and I promise you will love it and will never be able to buy cheap shampoo again!

Dunnellon, FL


Works a little too well - made my hair oily after regular use


This is another of those products that works so well that it works too well; it did wonders for my dry scalp but after a few weeks of use I began to notice that my hair had developed an oily texture from it. There was not a distinct residue left behind that I could tell, but an overall buildup of oil not at my scalp but in my hair itself, especially close to the scalp. I had no other reactions to it, my scalp never showed any redness or irritation and the skin did seem to be in better condition after regular use, I also noticed more body at my roots, but at times if I skipped a morning shower it did seem too greasy in my hair. While not a terrible product at all if you have fine hair like I do then it may be too much moisture and give up the sort of buildup I had trouble with. Another plus being that it did not dull my hair color, even directly after coloring it the night before and I use a demi-perminat dye. Effectiveness It would have been a good product if not for the amount of oil it left in hair that always seemed to build up; for anyone with thicker hair though that probably isn't a issue. Scent The scent was average, I was neither bothered by it nor effected otherwise; and it didn't linger any longer than other products I've tried in the past..



The only shampoo that controls my dry scalp. I use it everyday!


This shampoo is the only Shampoo that I can use day in and day out.  I've used many different products for my dry scalp, and this Shampoo is the best.  It is kind of hard to find, but I usually buy several tubes at once when I find them.  You can still buy it online.

Frisco, TX


Neutrogena Triple Moisture Dry Scalp Soothing Shampoo

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