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Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Compact Foundation

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Goes on great, blends even better, and beats the competition.


My board certified dermatologist recommended that I switch to this brand four years ago, and it was the best thing I could have done for my skin.  She said that the Neutrogena line was a lot better formulated and had less pore-clogging junk than other brands.  I used to get really bad cystic acne, and I won't say that this make up has cured it, but it has definately helped significantly.  I used to break out constantly, now I have one or two flare ups every three to four months.  Added to that, it goes on flawlessly and blends great.  I can't even tell when i have it on, which is good because I hate to spend a lot of time in the morning on makeup.  I want to look good, but I've got to get to work too.  I've noticed that their other foundations have some SPFs in them too, which is the only thing that this type of foundation doesn't offer.  I usually just wear this foundation to even out skin tone, put on some blush and under eye concealer, and I'm out the door.  This foundation is fantastic!   


Vinton, VA


The miracle I had wasted money looking for before!


Ever since I was a young teen, I struggled with acne.  My dad took me to the dermotologist, and I tried three different perscription acne treatments, including ones that were topical gels and ones that were actually pills.  None of those worked for much longer than a couple of weeks, and then my parents had just wasted their money when we found that the acne still was just not going away.  One day, I decided to look for foundation - but I was *not* specifically looking for skin-clearing foundation, just foundation in general.  When I found this one by Neutrogena, I tried it -- it was also the first foundation I ever purchased.  Right away, I found that my acne completely cleared.  AND my foundation looked fabulous!  I will never, ever use a different foundation than this one -- it's absolutely perfect for my skin, and makes my skin looks much smoother and more beautiful than it ever has before.


Allendale, MI


Makes your face feel clean


This product is absolutely wonderful for adults with moderate acne.  Blots oil and keeps acne at bey.  Would highly recommend! Goes on easy and doesn't flake.  I found this compact powder to last at least three months or more which makes it a real value.  


Dover, NJ


Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Compact Foundation

4.7 3