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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Foam Cleanser

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I love this product!


This face wash leathers really well and works wonderfully. It is a bit drying after awhile, so be sure to moisturize.


Shelby, NC


Really helps my skin clear out a lot.


I love this face wash, except the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't quite refresh my face, and sometimes it leaves it a bit greasy. The formula of this facial cleanser truly gets deep into my skin and cleans from the inside out, which is wonderful and I love using it.




Not a bad product, but somewhat drying


I expected more moisture with this product, while it wasn't terrible by any means after a few days of use I noticed that the oily areas of my face were very clean but other areas were far too dry. It works a little too well when it comes to removing oil; it strips some areas of my face too much and makes it uncomfortably tight with the level of dryness left behind. It did clear any breakouts up after a couple of weeks but I ended up having to stop using it because I noticed that my was starting to get red in areas instead and these spots were starting to become flaky. I also noticed that I was more sensitive to the sun after a few weeks; if I went out at all without sunscreen even for a short time I would end up with a red flush to my face and a mild sunburn around the bridge of my nose and across my cheeks; and the next use after these burns was uncomfortable as the product pulled even more moisture from my skin. It does work well to clear up your skin but it's too strong and drying for me personally, using if for a few weeks became uncomfortable so I can't imagine it's a product anyone who may have sensitive skin can use for any long amount of time.




Stings face


This product smells terrible. It smells very much like chemicals and artificial ingredients which I don't like at all. I admit, I am a sucker for foam dispensed things even though they don't even work half the time. The foam worked well to cover the entire face and cleaned it well. However, it made my face burn and sting. My face was red for about 2-3 minutes after I washed it and was terrible. My acne did not heal either. It was reasonably priced so I can't complain about the price. I do like that it came with a top so you can easily travel with it. However, when I use it at home, I take the top off so it's easier for me to wash my face. I tried to use it one more time and still didn't like it so I returned it. I really wanted to like this product because I like the foam but it just wasn't working out. If you have sensitive skin, please do not buy this product because it will make your face sting.


Arlington, TX


Great face wash by Neutrogena!


I have been using this face wash as my primary wash since 2003! It is so easy to use. I don't want to spend lots of time fussing over my skin at night when i am tired...I just want to remove my makeup and get to sleep! The Neutrogena face wash is quick and does all I need it to do. It removes makeup, cleans my skn, and helps treat breakouts. It feels clean and fresh. Not heavy at all. It's easy to wash off and doesn't leave residue behind on your face. Neutrogena provides great products at reasonable prices. As a teenager, when I first tried this product, I wanted something I could afford but that would provide a high quality result. This Neutrogena face wash fits my needs exactly! I am getting nervous because I have had a hard time finding this exact face wash in the store lately, making me wonder if it has been discontinued by Neutrogena! I really hope not because I would be extremely upset if I could not buy this wonderful product anymore! I have loved it for so long and would highly recommend it to anyone, whether or not they suffer from acne. It will not dry out your skin..I have very sensitive skin so I have to be extra careful with what I use. This is a fairly mild product.


Norwalk, CT


acne wash made my face sensitive


I dont' really like this neutrogena oil free acne wash foam cleanser at all. after a few use of this product, my face skin became sensitive and I had to stop using it completely. it is kind of strong i think. too strong for my skin type. i m not sure if other people will have the same kind of reaction to it or not, but it's definitly not for me. good thing is that the price of this product is not expensive at all. i guess you get what you paid for. haha. oh, my skin is kind of oily, so, if your skin is already dry or sensitive, i dont' think you want to use this acne wash at all.


Chico, CA


Love Neutrogena foaming face wash, works so well!


Love this product! I use it twice a day, morning and night. It keeps my face acne free and clear. It doesn't dry my skin out and doesn't smell funny. It's just the right amount of foam that dispenses out of a pump and I quick lather it into my face and rinse. It's that simple! It is priced very reasonably and you can find it on sale once in a while. Neutrogena products have always worked well for me. I have moderately oily skin, and moderately dry, but it works well with my complexion. It is good at washing away makeup and clearing my pores. I am ecstatic about this product and am happy to share my experiences with anyone and everyone. I will continue to buy this product because it has changed my face for good. I have tried other expensive skin care lines that involve a monthly fee (you know what I'm talking about) and it didn't work as well as Neutrogena foaming face wash. It dried out my face and did not help my acne. I am so happy with this product!


Fruitport, MI


its ok


I am viewing Neutrogena's clean & clear foaming cleanser. it did not really work for me that much so i believe its just should be rated average, maybe because my skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin, that is why it did not really work for me. i encourage people that does not have both oily and dry skin like me to use Neutrogena's clean & clear foaming cleanser because we are different and have different skin and personality. I also wish to try their other products but i am just scared if it is going to work or not. i love all Neutrogena products especially their body cream and i also like their porducts like make up, lotion, acne products and many other products and i will encourage them to keep up their good work. they are really doing great with the products, i love them all. unlike other products, neutrogena products are proven to be tested which made it high in demand so, as i said earlier, they are doing a very great job and they should keep it up.


Milwaukee, WI


This product isn't all that GREAT!


***So I have been using this for over three weeks now, and it is not effective as I thought. It's suppose to show results within the first week and it totally hasn't done so. I had been using other products that work better but decided to give this one a try since a lot of people had been recommending it to me. It wasn't expensive at all so therefore I don't really care about throwing it away it just was a simple waste of my time. If anyone can recommend me something better I am willing to try something else!!***


Rogers, AR


Foamy satisfaction!


As a person who suffers from acne i was desperate to try anything to clear it up. So when i came across this product and saw it was an affordable price i was more then willing to try it. After about a week i started to notice some results. My skin looked clearer and my pores looked smaller. It kept my skin clear for a while but then the acne started to come back. If you use frequently then it can tend to dry your skin. But overall it's a good product.


Everett, WA


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Foam Cleanser

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