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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Complete Comfort Foot Cream

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Great for very dry thick calluses


I don't notice the smell others complain about. Nobody has commented on my feet smelling funny, and I have a son who will definately mention if my feet smell different. I rarely wear socks. I am always in flip flips or backless shoes. My heels callus up very quickly, and then dry and crack and always look dirty. I try to scrape them every time I take a bath. But alas, nothing had really worked. My feet got so bad that I couldn't take it any more. My mother actually bought this for me to try, and lets just say I have fallen in love. Within a few days I was literally peeling off huge chunks of skin that days before had been hard calluses. I was able to start scraping my feet and they didn't look like an old lady's heels anymore. After those first layers came off my feet have not peeled again. I stopped using it and did build up a callus again. So I slather on a little before bed and the next time I soak in the tub I take the scrapper and remove all the dead stuff and then reapply. I will admit I also used this on a tiny little spot I get on my forehead that is dry and a little like excema. It works there too! Like I said, I don't notice a smell. But the product is a little greasy. Only use about a pea size rub it all in, then squeeze out another tiny amouth and get it all worked it.

Spencer, IA


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Complete Comfort Foot Cream

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