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Neutrogena Clean

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okay, there's better


I tried Neutrogena Clean because my mom bought it and did not like it. I figured it was free, so why not? I put some in my shoulder length hair, but noticed immediately that it takes awhile to create any suds in your hair. It was hard to spread evenly throughout my hair, and to effectively clean my head. It kind of just stayed put in the vicinity of where I first put it. Effectiveness Like I said earlier, this shampoo does NOT lather easily and thus making it quiet difficult to clean your entire head of hair. It did a basic enough job cleaning the area I got it to go on, but my hair definitely did not feel conditioned at all. After washing it felt squeaky clean, unconditioned and easily tangled in some areas, and still slightly oily and unclean in other areas of my head. You would have to try to wash twice for it to effectively work. Scent Neutrogena does have a good smelling shampoo. It has slightly sweet sort of smell, with almost a faint citrus smell to it as well. I really enjoyed the smell of the shampoo, just wished it worked better on my hair.




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Love this shampoo! Really does a great job on my dirty hair!!! It has no scent not like other shampoos! Effectiveness Gets my hair sparkling clean! I use a lot of hair spray on my hair and when I wash my hair with this shampoo it gets it so clean and gets all the hair spray removed! Scent no scent!




Neutrogena Clean

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