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Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream

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Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream Works!


I started using this back in May. I didn't think it would work on my wrinkles around my eyes or my dark circles because nothing else did.  It is now October and I'm totally flabbergasted at the results.  Those lil wrinkles are invisible and the dark circles are more under control. I won't say the dark circles are totally gone but considering I've battled this problem since I was a kid I'm very happy with the results.

Laurel Springs, NC


Neutrogena's anti-oxidant age reverse eye cream really works


I have been using Neutrogena products for quite some time now. I am presently using the anti-oxident age reverse eye cream to remove the puffiness & dark circles under my eyes and I have noticed some significant difference.  It has lightened the dark circles somewhat and the puffiness has diminished  as well. This product helps smooth out the texture and brightens your skin tone. 

New York, NY


Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream

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