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Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Getting Younger Looking


My wife was getting concerned about getting older and the way she was looking and feeling. Those fine wrinkle lines that start to show up were very troubling to her. She found this product and wanted to try it. After a few short days she noticed a difference and after a few weeks of using so did I. Effectiveness As mentioned this product is great at smoothing out some of those wrinkles that come with experience. It has made my wife feel much better about herself as these signs of aging start to fade. This product is not too expensive and it really does work. A small amount is all that is needed. There is no greasiness after application and has no smell.

Beverly Hills, CA


Really works!


This product truly reduces and fades the lines around your eyes, smoothing back the years. My skin has a sleek smoothness where I've regularly applied it that contrasts with the rest of my skin. The only disadvantage I've noticed with this product is that it can burn a little bit if you apply it with other products. For instance, I apply it soon after Neutrogena's Radiance Boost Eye Cream, and the effect can be uncomfortable. However, if I wait longer before I apply it or don't use another product with it, I don't have the problem.

Mount Hood Parkdale, OR


Neutrogena Only Made Very Minor Difference In Wrinkles


Oh yes, I'm getting at the age that crows feet and wrinkles are somewhat starting to bother me.  I have been reading various articles on wrinkle creams and since I use other Neutrogena products, I decided to give the ageless intensive deep wrinkle eye cream a try.  I used as directed and faithly every day.  I anxiously awaited to see my crows feet fade away, but to my disappointment there was only such a minor change that the money I spent was basically a waste.  Neutrogena makes so many great products, but this one is not on my list.  I have read where other people have had good results, but I am not one of those.  My husband has an appointment with his dermatologist next month and I am going to ask her about these wrinkle creams for her professional opinion.  I hate to waste good money on products that do no live up to their claims and my expectations.  It did leave a soft, moisturizing feeling around my eyes but did not make the crows feet fly away.

Oxford, OH


Sleep away those deep wrinkles


Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is simple to use. After washing your face for the night, just apply it to the wrinkles on your face. I found that when looking into the mirror on a daily basis, I was not sure how well the cream was working. I thought I saw an improvement but how can you really tell? Then, when my mother came for a visit almost six months after I had started using the night cream, she was amazed!! She kept telling me how great I looked and asking what new products I had begun using. She said that she thought the wrinkles in my forehead were almost completely gone. I felt wonderful about this and it confirmed my belief that the cream was actually making a difference. When I finally fessed up and told her it was Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Night Cream she was amazed. It is hard to believe the great results that were received from an over the counter product. I would highly recommend this to anyone!! After all when your mom notices a difference- thats goood enough for me**!!**

Colorado Springs, CO


getting old fast


  In my family they say the old we get the better are hair gets, but it's the complete opposite for our skin...im in my mid-20s and im skin looks as if im in my 30s & I don't like it...I have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth & I have the worst case of crows feet!!! The crows feet have been so bad that they've left scares on the sides of my eyes...I have dark spots under my eyes which really make me look older than what I am...I went online looking to see what creams and/or products I could buy to make me feel better about my face. Neutrogena is good with cleansing and acne , so I thought it would be great for my issues...after a few days of usage I some change...the crows feet were starting to clear up...and the dark spots were really clearing up...I still have lines around my mouth, but hey, what can you really do about that...hopefully within the next few weeks to a month it will be a big change in way my face looks & about the way I feel about my self

Sumter, SC


Neutrogena Intensive Deep Wrinkle Eye cream Works@


I bought the Neutrogena Intensive Deep Wrinkle Eye with very low expectations and was happily surprised that it works.  Within two days the lines and the dark circles were gone.  Thank you Neutrogena!

Hillsborough, NC


Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream

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