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Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream with Helioplex

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Lifetime of Use


My mother has used Neutrogena hand cream since as long as I can remember. So it is a staple in my arsenal of dry skin products because I know from a lifetime of use that it works. The smell is unique, and not exactly pleasing, but at least it is not loaded down with sweet, fruity scents that compete with whatever other scents you are wearing. The Neutrogena Hand Cream has a very thick consistency that takes a little bit of working in to absorb into your skin. It's not like your average lotion that absorbs immediately. You have to really work this cream into your hands and spread it around. It's a bit of a strange texture at first, but once it soaks in you will notice that your hands are unbelievably soft and they hold on to the moisture until you wash your hands or whatever. This product takes a little getting used to, but after you use it a few times, you will find that it conditions and soothes the dry skin on your hands like no other.



Rough hands are no more


I use to work at a hospital filing paper work and typing all day. My hands became so rough that they would crack and bleed. Everytime that I walked by a hand sanitizing station I had to use sanitizer and that takes a tole on your hands. So glad that I found this product. Absorption This hand cream is thick but absorbs fast. Continues to moisturize for a long time after using it. My hands end up being super soft without feeling greasy or slimy. A must have for the purse in the winter time. No perfumes so little risk of irritation or allergies. Doesn't Clog Pores I am not sure how to tell if it is clogging the pores on my hands but i have yet to break out so I think it works great. Effectiveness Keeps my hands moisturized all day. No more dry skin and scales. Great product. I am definitely a repeat customer. The product lasts a long time because only a little is needed to keep the dry skin at bay. Rubs in easily with no effort. Great product I know works.



Neutrogena's Age Shield Hand Cream is a bad smelling sunblock


I bought Neutrogena's Age Shield hand cream with SPF 30 after a friend recommended Neutrogena's hand cream.  I opted for the version with SPF because I have a higher risk of skin cancer than the average person.  I thought I could moisturize while protecting my hands from aging sun rays.  I was not impressed and I will not buy this product again. The moisturizing effects of this hand cream are so-so.  It feels more like a sunblock on my hands than a moisturizing hand cream.  If you put it on your hands, be sure you don't touch your face afterward.  It is too harsh for the face, and it feels greasy.  After touching my cheeks, they were reddened. The worst feature of this hand cream is the smell.  It is scented, but it still smells strongly like sunscreen.  The fragrance is awful.  I wish this hand cream came in an unscented version.  If it did, I would *possibly *consider it again.  I also wish it left a smooth feeling on your hands, rather than a coated, thick feeling. If you use this product, save it for intense moisturizing needs and only use it when you will be getting sun on your hands.  Otherwise, use something more pleasant!

Saint Louis, MO


Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream with Helioplex

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