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Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer Eye Cream

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Feels like it burns my eyes and it doesn't stay on at all.


There is something about this concealer that really irritates my skin when I apply it. It's very itchy and burns my eyes, mostly under my eyelid. I also notice that if I get water or if my eyes tear up a little bit, this goes everywhere very quickly. It is extremely hard to keep this stuff on all day without messing it up at all, and I wouldn't recommend it.



The suncreen in the three in one product irriated my eyes.


I received this eye cream as a sample from neutrogena.  I was very pleased the first couple of times I used it until the sample was gone.  I immediately purchased a full tube for myself and have since been less than pleased with the product.  The concealer is very light but provides excellent coverage.  I appreciate that it doesn't seem to crease around my eyes like so many concealors do.  I also appreciate the convienance of having all three - concealer, eye cream, and sunscreen in one easy application.  The biggest complaint I have about the product is that is stings my eyes.  I don't think I have super sensitive eyes and usually don't have this problem with eye products.  I am guessing that it is the sunscreen part of the product that is bothering me.  At any rate, I had to stop using it because it bothered me to much.  It was especially bad if I cried or if my eyes watered and I wiped them.  It seemed to get into my eyes more that way.  So overall, it performed well, but irritated my eyes to much to continue using. 

Winston Salem, NC


Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer Eye Cream

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