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Neuton Hedge Trimmer

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these tools are so easy to use


As a person with arthritis, growing older and weaker by the minute, I needed something that was easy to start and to use.  My old gas lawnmower, I couldn't start because I didn't have the strength to pull the choke.  I also hated having to put gas in it and worry about maintenance of the thing.  With the Neuton (by DR Power) battery operated mower, I just charge the battery, put it in the mower and with the push of a button we're cutting the weeds down.  I recently added to my inventory, their hedge trimmer and chainsaw - also both run on batteries.  So we're being environmentally friendly as well as being kind to me... and I don't worry about my son using these tools either.


West Islip, NY


light weight and easy to use


I love my neuton hedge trimmer. Very light weight and easy to use. I used a heavy one before and it hurt my back but this one does not. I trim small to large hedge and love doing it now. I wanted to trim all my over grow small hedge bushes, and read the reviews on this one. it seemed to be what i was looking for so i did buy one. My husband said that i wouldnt like it but boy oh boy was he ever wrong. i started to use it the day i bought it and now the back yare and also the hedges out front are perfect. I t has my name only on it. I have also read the reviews on other items and have bought them also. needless to say i haven had to return any of them. This trimmer is also easy to hang. i have hung mine on a peg board with support on both ends of the trimmer. My neighbor came over and wanted to borrow it but i am picky about my yard tools and have done there front hedges.A price that you will like also. Do your research and you will see and read about this trimmer . Let me know if you love it as much as i do. I dont even let my husband do the yard work anymore. If you want a great trimmer that is of good quality then this one is for you. Lets do some yard work!


Commerce, GA


Neuton Hedge Trimmer

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