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Neuton CE 5.2 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Discharge/Mulching/Bagging Lawn Mower

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I wish I had not gotten rid of my gas mower


I have exchanged my gas lawnmower of 3 years, under the subsidized purchase price for the neuton, in the scope of LA Basin AQMD program, earlier in 2007. Since then I am cursing the day of this decision. Yes it does not need gas and yes it starts easily and yes it is quieter but none of these qualities compensates for what I lost. We have 3 dogs and they all use the back yard as their toilet. With my gas mower, I could easily mow down the grass with the excrements on it. With this one, I have to do the pooper-scooper patrol prior to lawnmowing, which adds another half hour to my weekly chores.With my gas mower, I could manage the growth by mowing every two weeks. With the neuton, if I don't mow for a week, I pay the price dearly by spending more than twice the time the week after.Grass catcher bin on this thing is very small. It does not have the self propelled motion so you have to push it and it ain't a light beast by any means. If you have to shell out the full price from your own budget, it is VERY EXPENSIVE too. TV commercials show all sorts of attachments to make the life easier but when you go to the web site, you see that, all of those gadgets cost exorbitant amounts of money too, which was conveniently omitted in these commercials.Some people say it is environmentally friendly by not spewing gas but in my opinion, the electric it uses comes from a source of pollution to a ceratin extent and all you are doing is, pusing the pollution upstream, so it is not a selling point, even if you are a bleeding heart, green liberal.So, in short, stay away from this product, unless you have a potage stamp size yard. like smaller than 400 sqft. Anything above, you will hate it.


Fontana, CA


Neuton CE-5 is a quiet, light-weight, effective mower.


The Neuton CE-5 is a great mower.  It's magnitudes quieter than gas mowers and just as effective at cutting grass.  The edger/trimmer attachment alone is worth the purchase.  Edging & trimming have always been the part of lawn care that I dreaded.  With the Neuton, it's almost effortless and easy to do well.  The edge where my yard meets my neighbors' (done by a professional lawn-care service) now looks much better on my side!  The battery charges outside of the mower, which is much more convenient than having to plug in the entire mower, like some I have owned, and is easy to take in and out.  The only complaint I have about the CE-5 is its narrow cutting width.  I understand that's been taken care of with the newer model.  I would (and have) happily recommend this mower to anyone.  The only reason for my 4-star rating, rather than 5, is the narrow cutting width mentioned above.  Apart from that, it's a perfect 5.


Silver Spring, MD


My Neuton mower is the quietest and best mower I have ever used.


I always hated buying gas to run a noisey, smelly motor mower, so my prefered mower was on old style motorless, reel mower, these are great for even ground but there were many areas where it just didn't "cut it". I had thought about an electric mower, but was always concerned that I might run over the electric cord, so had put them right out of my mind. So I started searching for a cordless alternative that didn't smell bad or give me a headache from the noise and I found the Neuton and bought it.  The only downside to the mower is that we have a large lawn so it takes two batteries to be able to mow it all in one day.  It is very quiet and it is good to be able to stop the mower for a while, then with a flick of the switch the motor purrs back into action.   I also have the attachment for edging and trimming, it is a very useful item and easy to use.  It's good to have one reliable machine to do it all.


Winona, MN


Neuton Mower, the best mower I have owned


I have to admit, I was VERY skeptical about an electric lawn mower.  My grandmother used to have one a long time ago and I used it a few times, you could tell it lacked any real power to cut the grass.  But times have changed and the Neuton shows off those changes. First off, this this is easy to use, put in the battery, insert the "key", pull the power lever and away you go.  It starts quickly and is ready to cut a split second after you turn it on.  No worrying about gas, no pulling a starting cord, no making sure your spark plug is clean, it just works.  And it cuts the grass really well.  The blade does a great job giving your yard a clean cut.  And this thing is quiet.  That is great in Texas, because in the summer, you can go out really early and not worry about late sleeping neighbors.  10 feet away, you can't hear this thing.  And charging is very easy, take out the battery, plug it into the charger and in about 2 hours it is ready to go.  Works great if you have 2 batteries. I will say it does have some downsides, but nothing that makes me not want it, though your opinion may be different.  It lacks self propelling, nothing important to me, you might be different.  The bag, should you use it, is kind of small, so you have to stop pretty often, especially if you let the yard get long.  Finally, these things are narrow - you get a very small cutting width, so you will be doing a little more walking than you might like. In the end, while this is a lot more costly than a cheap lawn mower, the benefits are worth it.  The fact that I get done and my ears aren't ringing with RRRRRrrrrrr is a big plus.


Austin, TX


The Neuton 14-inch Lawn Mower is unbelievable!


First, I have to say that my yard is really too big for this little mower.  When I first acquired it, I seemed to be making pass after pass across my lawn to achieve a neat look.  It was exhausting.  At one point I was having my front sill replaced and there was debris all over the front yard so that I was unable to mow for several weeks.  The yard looked like a hay field.  Finally, when the workmen were finished and had cleaned up the site, I was able to attempt to trim the two-foot high grass.  Luckily it had been very dry.  I started up the mower and off I went.  I couldn't believe how well it sailed through the thicket of green.  If you get one of these mowers you must have more then one battery because it will most likely use more then one to finish your yard.  It's very light weight and easy to push through any height lawn.  The bagging attachment is a little cumbersome and tends to contribute to clogging the blade.  I took mine off almost immediately after I started using it.  The mower does not have speeds so you are the motion power.  For a little guy it really cuts through whatever you have for a lawn.


Boxborough, MA


Defective product. Bad service.


I ordered a CE 5.2 directly from Neuton. The product arrived as advertised. I charged the battery and it together, which was a snap. But the lawn mower wouldn't start. There appeared to be a problem with the circuit breaker button, and I called Neuton to talk to their parts and service department. They put on someone who had little experience and didn't offer much guidance. He sent out a new upper handle, which includes the circuit breaker button and attaches to the battery. After some agonizing, I put that on. Still didn't start. I returned the thing.


Washington, DC


My Neuton Lawnmower is ready to work everytime I am ready.


I absolutely love my Neuton Electric Lawn Mower. I am a 62 year old woman who has always had trouble with gas powered mowers. Too heavy, don't have the strength to use a pull cord to start the silly thing, don't have any more gas on hand, etc. But all these problems were gone when I bought my Neuton Electric Mower. It was so easy to assemble I could hardly believe I did it myself. I've assembled children's toys that were more difficult than this mower. It is lightweight, it doesn't have smelly gas fumes, it is easy to operate, it always starts, and it doesn't pollute the environment. Plus it is much quieter than gas powered mowers, which I'm sure my neighbors appreciate when I mow early on Saturday mornings. In fact, I love it so much that I bought a second one to use out at the ranch in the yard. I also bought a Neuton electric hedge trimmer, too. Just like the Neuton mower, there's no cord to worry about getting in the way and accidentally slicing in two. My Neuton Mower has not failed me. It is always ready to go when I'm in the mood to mow.


Vernon, TX


Our Neuton is quiet and easy to start and manuever.


Our Neuton mower is, for me,  a lifesaver. I  spent years struggling to start a regular gas-powered mower, with rare succes and much frustration.  Then, it was very loud and seemed to trail a cloud of smoke as I pushed it across the lawn.  Also, I seemed to run out of gas quite regularly, no matter how careful I was to keep track.  The Neuton is so easy to use. All you need to start it is a key--no pulling.  It is also very quiet--it seems to kind of purr as it runs.  And, when you are done, you simply plug it in to recharge.  There is no need to remember to buy gas or oil, and no pollutants are released. The only minor (to me) problem I have experienced in my nearly two years of usage is the buildup of cut grass above the blades.  It sometimes impedes the blade turning--or falls out in large clumps.  I find that I do need to clean out the mower each time I use it.  Overall, though, the benefits much outweigh this bit of inconvenience.


Minneapolis, MN


Excellent~Green lawnmover


We got this lawn mower around 5 years ago, and it is fantastic.  Of course, I don't do the mowing, but I do watch my husband, and it seems so easy & effortless.  I wanted this lawnmower because we are trying to be earth friendly, and I didn't like the idea of gas cans in the garage.  I hate the smell, so we paid a bit more, but in the long run, definately worth it.  I have recommended this to friends, and they actually went & bought it. 


Quincy, MA


great for small yards


This lawnmower is fantastic for small properties and does the job very well. It is very easy to use and is a lot less expensive then owning a gas powered lawnmower.  The only drawbacks that I saw were that it doesn't handle very tall thick grass very well and it does need to be used more often then a gas powered mower would. Plus there is also a drawback for the side chute not having the grass come out as easily as it really needs to so that means that it needs to be cleaned out more frequently.  


Jacksonville, FL


Neuton CE 5.2 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Discharge/Mulching/Bagging Lawn Mower

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