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Neuton 6.3 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Discharge/Mulching/Bagging Lawn Mower

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Only for people with small, well-kept lawns, in nice climates.


Neuton CE 6.2 Mower: About me and my lawn: As a new homeowner, I bought this lawnmower about a year ago and it is the only lawnmower I have ever used. I've probably used it about 20 times now. I have a large lawn, under 1/3 acre, but large. It is not really a lawn, but more of a meadow that just sprang up one day out of the mud and grows at an unbelievably fast rate. I live in Texas where I can either mow the lawn in the dark, in the rain, or during the day and risk heat exhaustion. I noticed that most of my neighbors had riding lawnmowers, but I thought they were just lazy. I've discovered that they are smarter than me; any push mower here is a waste of money. I'm going to have to resort to hiring a lawn mowing service.   Pros: When the mower was new, it cut through tall dry grass very well. When I called customer service to tell them that the battery was leaking, they sent me a replacement with no hassle. It is very easy to use - easy to start, easy to use, easy to maintain. Virtually fool proof. This would probably be a great mower if you have a small yard in California. Cons: My first battery leaked. My new battery worked well for awhile, but already seems to be losing power. It lasted less than 30 minutes today and that was with frequent stops. No indicator light to show whether or not the battery is charged. Battery will not hold charge when unplugged (you can't charge it, unplug it from the charger for a day, and then use it). Takes a long time to recharge. Small grass catcher bag. Heavy. Expensive. Attachments and additional parts are also expensive. Really bad with wet grass (it gets jammed). Ask yourself: When am I going to mow the lawn - will it be dry at that time? (Electric mowers aren't supposed to be used on wet grass.) How much time am I going to spend mowing in one day? (If it's more than 45 minutes, this is not a good mower for you.) What are my neighbors doing and why?    

Granbury, TX


If I thought my 5.2 Neuton was good, the new CE 6 is brilliant"


I own two Neuton mowers, my oringinal CE 5.2 with a fourteen inch cutting path and the new Neuton CE 6 with a nineteen inch path. The new mower has a more powerful motor even powered through an overgrown weedy patch.  It does a very neat job of the mowing the lawn, it is not quite as quiet as the smaller model, but it is still quiet enough to hear the bird songs over the sound of the mower. The trimmer is also more powerful, so zips around the edges with ease. We have a large lawn and I am able to get the job done in a morning, and know that if the battery is charged all I need to do is filp a switch and the mower WILL start.  I also know that when I stop for a short break the mower will start right back up. As well as being efficient and quiet the Neuton mower is good for the environment, as gas mowers are a large source of pollution.  The use of Neuton mowers has prevented many tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. I cannot reccomend this mower highly enough.   If I had a small yard I would be more than happy with the perfomance of the Neuton CE 5.2.

Winona, MN


Neuton mower is great for the environment and your neighbors!


I believe that the Neuton CE 6 battery-powered lawn mower is one of the best things that homeowners could do to help to clean the air and help their neighbors.  The mower creates no pollutants into the air, is quiet, and uses no gasoline.  All three are great for the environment and the neighborhood.  Because it is quiet, it is easy on the mower's ears and won't contibute to hearing loss.  In addition, the mower is lightweight and small, which makes it very maneuverable.  Using this mower contributes to conserving precious gasoline. The initial cost might seem pricey, but it is a good investment for the environment and good neighbor relations.  Also, the price is just a little bit more than a premier gas-powered push mower, so I believe it is worth the investment.  The ease of recharging is great, just plug it in to a regular socket and that's it. Besides the price drawback is the small diameter cutting width.  This may add a little time for cutting your lawn. Do your ears, lungs, your neighbors, and the environment a favor, consider the Neuton CE 6 battery-powered lawn mower for your next lawn mower purchase!

Fort Worth, TX


The Nueton Battery-Powered Mower makes living green is fun.


The Nueton Nueton Battery-Powerd Mower makes cutting the lawn fun, easy and no longer a chore.  With no fuss over gas or an extention cord its green technology that everyone can get behind and use.  The only problem you will have is deciding who gets to cut the grass.

Mendocino, CA


Neuton CE 6 Battery-Power Mower is perfect


The  Neuton CE 6 Battery-Power Mower is great becuase firts thing you are going green using it  beause is polluting free and it does a good job.  One time that you start using it you are going to love it because is so quiet , easy  to use becase is not heavy, so your kids can help you to do the yard now becuase is easy to start  just push a button and ready . For first time use  you just need to plug for some hours to charge and after that you can use it.  You yard is going to look so nice after you finish the job. And  The Neuton CE 6  is design to easy storage because you just bend it and fits everywheren  even another good thing is that you can buy the extra accesories for edge triming so you don't  need to have too many tools to do a good job on your lawn and for the enviroment is perfect. Another good thing is The Neuton CE  doesn't need any maintenance, so don't be worry for buy any gasoline  or oil. If you want to know more about this product you just can call to get a free catalog and dvd for check more information and take a desition after.

Riverside, CA


Good for small areas


This is good for small areas. I have about a 1/2 to 1 acre to cut. I use riding mower for that. I have areas that I can't use the riding mower on and this is perfect. It starts everytime, which is great. I had another push mower that was supposed to start easily and I could not start it. The batteries hold a charge for about 11/2 hours which is good. I have had this for 2 years and have had not problems with it at all. Saves on gas for other mowers. The more that I can do with this the more I save.

Shelby, NC


Neuton 6.3 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Discharge/Mulching/Bagging Lawn Mower

4.5 6