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Netgear Wireless Router

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Decent Router


I purchased the Netgear WNR854T Wireless Router when it first came out.  So far it has been very reliable and fast enought to do most of the things I need it to do.  I have the router located in my basement with my home entertainment system almost directly above it on the first floor. I don't think the range of this router is as good as it should be.  I sometimes have trouble connecting to it on the first floor.  When streaming movies I have to either run a cat5 cable from the router to my tv for high defintion or THX or drop down to streaming a standard definition for the movie instead of high definition or THX because the router can't keep up.  This is disappointing and I am currently looking at my options to correct this.  I have a signal stregnth meter and I seem to be getting a great signal where my TV is located so I suspect the router just isn't fast enough to buffer a high definition movie.


Omaha, NE


NetGear is the way to go, look no further.


I can ride around my neighborhood with my laptop and still get a signal from this router two, three and four streets away. Better make sure you have your wi-fi password protected. I had to drop the broadcast signal down drastically because I didn't need it to reach as far as it did. I bought a refurbished model and it has worked wonderfully. Thanks, NetGear.


Fayetteville, NC


Great for the Price


Hey im always online on my laptop. So I need a good trusting wireless router to do the job. So let me tell you this netgear wireless router is top shelf. One of my friends advised me to get this router at the beginning when I first got my router and i am very glad that I got this router, This router gives the laptop signal from a long range. For example, if I have the router in my room I will have the wireless signal all the way outside. This allows me to go online outside when the weather is good. Also, the price for this router is not totally that big of a difference from the other routers that are in the market right now. Finally, to sum it up you should really get this router because it is fast. It connects fast and there isnt much problems when it comes to this router. So overall, if you were looking for a good router then I would reccomend that you should get this one and you will be delighted with the performance.  


Niles, IL


Netgear Wireless Router

4.7 3