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Netgear Wireless Router

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The Router King Of Routers


I Think That This Router Is A Very Good Router, Because It Sends Data Back And Forth Fast, Ive Had This Router For A While Now And It Works Out Pretty Good With Two iPhones And A Laptop And A iPod Touch It Supports It All Which Is Pretty Good And It Still Sends Good Amount Of Data With All The Things On The Network, I Would Get This If I Were You It's Only 50 Bucks Where I Live So, I Hope You Agree Thanks


Cape Girardeau, MO


Netgear MBR624GU will do you right.


Netgear continues to impress me with the quality of theri products. I did not know what to expect from their wireless router but I have been impressed with all of their other products. This one did not dissapoint! The set up was quick and easy to understand. I am not a techno geek so this was a big plus in my book. I have no qualms about recommending Netgear's wirelss router's. Get rid of the wires and go Netgear!!!!! 


Walnut Creek, CA


the netgear wireless router is a great product


I have only had this netgear wireless router for a little over a week, but so far this router is doing everything I expected it to do and more.  any laptop in our house can pickup the internet without a problem and even with 2 or 3 computers using the internet at the same time, it doesn't slow down the connections at all. we can even use the laptops outside on our patios and still pick up great reception.


Houston, TX


Cost effective, yet work better than some expensive ones.


With a very large house, I knew I had to get a router with great range. This Netgear did the job, and now it's easy to get a great signal anywhere in the house. My next-door neighbor even uses it, and he thanked me!


Orlando, FL


For the money it's the best router I've found.


We have four desktops, 2 laptops and of course other's that friends come over with, all spread out over a 3 story, 6,000 Sq ft. home.  Running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate.  I've had my share of router problems with Netgear, 2Wire, SpeedStream, etc..  Usually our home is a hodgepodge of various modems and routers and wireless cards doing the best they could to stay connected. Then I bought the NetGear MBR624GU Wireless Router, along with a couple of USB wireless N cards.  I placed the new NetGear router in a fairly central location, got everything up and running and started doing tests.  It's been over a month now and I'm ecstatic to say that every computer; desktop, laptop, wi-fi enabled device we've thrown at it gets and keeps a connection.  I'm about 100 feet and 6 walls away from the router and I still maintain a 100% wireless connectivity rating with a d/l speed average of 2.5mbps on a 3.0mpbs connection.  All the other devices have similar results for a solid month now with only 2 brief interruptions, more due to old wiring in the house than the router. I highly recommend the NetGear MBR624GU Wireless Router. 


Dallas, TX


Okay performance with the Netgear Wireless Router.


I have had the Netgear Wireless Router for nearly a year and six months. It is really easy to install the Netgear Wireless Router. Does not take much of your time to get it to work. Very light and not much of a space taker. It also looks neat and clean. Not too old, very modern looking. With the Netgear Wireless Router, the internet connection is quite strong enough for the computer to receive. What I didn't like about the Netgear Wireless Router is that sometimes, it disconnects me from my internet here and there. I don't lnow why but it can be annoying sometimes, especially when you are in the middle of doing something important. The price for the Netgear Wireless Router was reasonable. Affordable even for a person who has financial issues. Finding the Netgear Wireless Router is not a problem either. The product can be purchased anywhere with an electronic aisle. Overall, for me, I rate this a 3 out of 5 stars.


Stockton, CA


Great Router.


I love this router its absolutist amazing and does everything i need. Its a tough router as well it has taken a lot of abuse at my house, it has been stepped on and dropped and even thrown but it still  works perfectly. This router reaches everywhere in my home it is fast and reliable. This router even reaches 10-20 feet outside my house(my house is very large) its amazing. I used the Ethernet ports in the back of my router to make a home network and its so easy to share data now that i have all my computers connected without this router i would definitely have four computers without internet and i would definitely not have my network anymore. This router acts as a wireless router and a Ethernet switch at the same time, its truly amazing how fast it sends internet to all of my computers, when it comes to the internet i would be completely lost without this router and it was super easy to install this thing even has a built in firewall, i would definitely recommend this router.


Chester, MA


Haven't had a single problem with it!


When my husband and I were registering for our wedding, he suggested we add some practical items to our list--including this wireless router. Of course, I wanted to keep the registry filled with pretty table cloths and luxe linens, but I relented. And I'm glad I did! We ended up receiving this router from one of our guests and have not had a single problem using it yet, and it's been almost a year (happy anniversary to us!). My husband was able to install it SO easily; I believe it even comes with a CD rom you can use to walk you through the steps. When we got our internet installed, there was an option to rent a router from the company, but since we had our own, we didn't have to do that. We did, however, end up renting the modem from them and it has been so problematic! I wish we would have registered for a modem as well, so that we know we're getting a high quality one. I work from home and my husband is finishing up at university, so having reliable internet is imperative for us. NetGear has delivered!


Atlanta, GA


If you need one its ok


I recently purchased this netgear router.I have a two desktops,and three laptops.So, I needed a router to hook up all the computers in the house.My dell desktop has a wireless nic card built in , so i was thinking this is going to be easy.All I have to do is hook up all the one desktop that doesnt have wireless.Well I was wrong,First problem I had was that three of the computers had windows seven on it , and it was connecting.The second problem was for some reason the router would not stay connected.I tried to figure out why when I hook all the pc's up to ethernet they worked.I checked to see if the wires were bad or if my nic cards went out.I had a belkin router here and wanted to see if it would connect them all and come to find out it did.I let a friend borrow the router to see if it would work on their xp and it wouldn't,Since I haven't had it more than 15 days ,I returned it and told them what happend with it, since it was best buy they took a look at and there was a default and they returned it back to the company


Tampa, FL


Netgear has seen better days with this wireless router.


I owned this router for about 6 months, and ever since I bought it I have had nothing but problems.  Not only is this a very ugly looking router, I personally have had connectivity issues and power issues with Netgear's MBR624GU.  I am a very computer savvy person, and I had two other technicians take a look at my home network and they told me that my router was one of the worst on the market, and it is known to have major connectivity issues.  Thankfully I did not pay very much for it.  I would only suggest this router to someone that loves a challenge of a horrible router; someone that likes to get angry with electronical equipment.  I would strongly suggest researching this router before agreeing to buy it from anyone or any place.  I would suggest purchasing a Linksys router over any of Netgear's products any day.  You can get more bang for your buck with a different router company!!


Litchfield, MN


Netgear Wireless Router

3.8 11