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Netgear Wireless Router

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turn off, turn on, reboot


If you don't mind shutting your router off every time you use it then this is the router for you! I know the reviews I had read said you may have to do that the first time you use it, but I didn't know they meant EVERY time you use it! Performance WHEN it is connected it works great, again WHEN is the key word! Durability unsure Setup & Ease of Use it was easy to set up Service & Support not used

Miamisburg, OH


Flash with DD-WRT for an even better router!


This is a great router if you want to run DD-WRT. I was able to find information on how to flash it online, and had DD-WRT up and running in no time! Even though the router does not come with external antennas, the signal strength and reliability was great (compared to my previous Belkin router). I also like the glossy white look that matches older iMacs and other Apple hardware (if you happen to have those, like me). On its own, it is a good router, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to setup and use router. But, the device really shines with DD-WRT installed, and able to govern how much bandwidth each machine on your network is allowed to use simultaneously. For me, I can set my Xbox Live connection to have priority over my wife's browsing/shopping! :)

Fort Lee, NJ


The NetGear WNR834B Router has been a great product for us.


The NetGear WNR834B Router has been a great product for us. It was pretty easy to get up and running.  Wonderful cusomer service to walk you through any problems you might have.  We have a desktop and two laptops connected to this router with no problems whatsoever. Would definitely buy a NetGear product again.

Deland, FL


Here's to one of the best routers on the market today!


This router is simply all around fantastic! From set up to daily functionality, this router is easy and reliable. Set up is a breeze with the wizard provided, and it only took around fifteen minutes before I was up and running. The range of signal offered is great as well. I can be anywhere in my house and receive an excellent signal. I can even get a good signal out in my yard! Since owning this router we have experienced power outages where it just boots itself back up and reconnects without a hitch! I really like that you can literally set it up and not give it another thought. It has great parent contol features as well as adequate security and a firewall.  The user interface is easy to understand and function within, which makes it great for one who is not too experienced in networking. This is the second Netgear router I have owned (the first one died of old age) and I am completely satisfied.

Olivia, NC


not that happy


i recently went on broad band, so I got Netgear for my laptop. I like the fact that it is wireless now, but I cannot say that the speed is very good.  It should be the fastest speed available, and I am not quite sure if it is the MODEM'S fault or Netgears. It is very easy to set up though, even an old woman like me can do it. I do wish though it was sturdier, because it has a tendency to tip over if your foot hits it. It does come with a mounting brackett, but that is not heavy enough. The NETGEAR is a good product to have, but it probably can be tweeked to be more efficient.  It does make it possible for me to be anywhere in or outside my home to be able to use the laptop...although I haven't exactly seen how far the connection will reach. I have a 1800 square foot home, and I have a front and back deck, and have been able to use the laptop on and all over the house, including the decks. 

Bell, FL


Easy to use router for not-so-saavy user!


This router is very easy to assemble and use, even for those less tech-saavy.  I've never had an issue with the use of it, we even have it set up to run our Wii wireless and the connectivity is great!

Omaha, NE


The Netgear RangeMax Wireless-N Router works wonderfully!


I bought this Maxrange Netgear Wireless router so my daughter could hook into my internet connection.  I have a desktop computer and she has a laptop.  We both are on the computer, on average, about 14 hours a day and we love the ease of our connections.  This item was very easy to hook up and get started.  We just read the directions, hooked in the ethernet wire, plugged it into the wall and inserted the software.  It was completely self-explainatory and so simple anyone can use it, no matter how computer challenged they are.  I liked the fact that no matter which card you have, a G-card or the N-card, it will work for both.  I also enjoyed not paying a small fortune for it.  After paying all the money for the computers and then the internet service itself, it was nice to buy something that didn't totally break the bank.  I thought I was going to have to have the internet company hook up an entirely different ethernet and pay twice the cost for two services, but with this wireless router, not only myself, but all three of my daughters can hook in.  I really love more giving up my computer so they can use it!  They get to use their the next room!  It's wireless!!!

Turon, KS


Netgear Wireless Router

3.9 7