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Netgear Router

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NETGEAR Wireless Router Works Good


After deciding to go back to school, we figured it was time to have the ability to use more than one computer in our home. The NetGear Wireless router allowed us to use our Dell desktop and Dell laptop computers in separate rooms. The router itself works well. We haven't had any issues with it. I only gave the router four stars as it took us a great deal of time to finally get it to work. We had to contact NetGear's customer service and Dell's customer service as we were having compatibility issues. We spent an entire day trying to get it set up. Unfortunately, we weren't able to use the router for long as our Dell desktop computer went out on us only a year after we purchased it. However, while we did use it, it maintained a good signal and ran very well. We were able to check the status at the bottom of the computer screen and it did exactly as it was supposed to. If you need a wireless router, Netgear is the one to go with. They have fantastic customer service and once we contacted them we were able to get our router working quickly. We've sinced purchased a new laptop (got rid of all Dell) that has wi-fi capability. However, if we decide to add additional computers in our home, we will likely pull back out our NetGear Wireless Router.


Marysville, WA


Netgear Router is for me


I just purchased the Netgear Wireless Router.  It was somewhat inexpensive and it is perfect for me.  It seems to work really well.  I can get a connection very quickly.  It is the perfect solution since I now have a laptop.  I don't think I would ever do without it again.  I had to replace a very old one, which was also a hand me down from a family member.  That also worked very well, but it was time to upgrade.  It did last about  4 years or so.  So, when it was time to purchase a new wireless router, we decided to stick to the same brand.  Why change a brand when it worked so well and was so reliable for so many years.  I probably didn't even have to replace it because I disabled my wireless by mistake.  So now, I will give it to someone else to try.  There is nothing like a wireless router.  No more going down to my basement.  I can browse the interenet from my living room or my bedroom.  It is a great convenience.


Staten Island, NY


Excellent home wireless router with DSL modem.


It seems to be the norm these days that when a DSL or Cable modem/router fails the ISP gives you great "replacement programs" but will not replace the devices for free.  Verizon was my DSL provider, and after suffering through several Verizon Technician visits, each without results, it was deduced by Verizon, that it couldn't be my DSL service but my wirless modem/router (which they supplied three years ealier.  So I decided to purchase my own wirelss router with a DSL modem. Now enterls the Netgear DGN2000.  In addition to purchasing the new Netgear router, I also purchased barnd new Dell Studio XPZ computer with an Intel Core 7 and all the other bells and whistles.  Computer speed, hard drive speed and storage, and other parameters are not an issue with this system. So how does the Netgear DGN2000 perform?  I can honestly say that I almost have forgotten it exists, that's a tribute to how good it is.  It took just a few minutes to install the router software from the enclosed CD and away I went.  I have bothe my older Windows XP SP3 Gateway computer (approximately 6 years old) connected via a Cat 5 Ethernet cord and my Dell Windows 7 computer connected wirelessly.  The router works great.  I've never at to perform a shutdown or reboot on the router (I keep it on all the time) and localized tests indicate that anytime I have a speed issue, it is the DSL PROVIDER and not the Netgear DGN2000. Here's some technical observations.  The router has indicator lights on the front for Power, 1 -4 Ethernet Port Connections, Wireless, DSL, Internet and WPA activity.  The bottom of the router has a button to turn the wireless function on an off and for WPA. One last word, beware of reviewers and ISPs that blame slow speeds on the router.  I have performed a multitude of various local tests and each have indicated that the Netgear router is working fine; my problem with speeds or dropped connections is with the DSL provider.  Perhaps that's why Verizon sold out to Frontier Communications recently.


Oak Hill, WV


Netgear there is better out there


while it's an ok router if you are not networking. For two computers it works ok, but when trying to link a third to it, it left much to be desired. It brought down the signal to all the computers causes pages not to load and sometimes not being able to get on the internet. I also found distance between the computer were a problem. In certain rooms you had to be in a certain location for it to work and the doors to the rooms also had to be left open. There was also interference it the weather out side was bad.During rain signzl was low and if it was storming there was no need to try getting on the internet. Also uploads and downloads took longer to do with this paticular router. Downloading movies would take up to six or eight hours to load. Music which nomally only took a few minutes were taking up to ten minutes for one song to load.So if you only have two to link it's and ok router but i would not recommend it for linking more.


Goldsboro, NC


This router is good for basic wireless needs


The Netgear DGN2000-100NAS Router is a good, middle of the road wireless router.  We purchased this router as an upgrade from our G router and have been overall pleased.  However, it can be a little slow when my husband is playing games online or we are trying to stream a movie from NetFlix and we are also browsing the internet.  We have Apple computers at our house and it was no problem to set up the network using an Apple computer.  Additionally, the router is fairly compact and easily fits into smaller areas.  A negative is that the chord to plug the router in for power is not very long and, when stretched to its limit, can fall out of the router itself fairly easily.  Additionally, the distance of reception provided by the Netgear DGN2000-100NAS Router leaves something to be desired.  We live in an older home and it has a hard time getting through the thick woodwork and doors through out our home.  If you need it just for a smaller area it is a great router!


Storm Lake, IA


Its allright.


**Netgear DGN2000-100NAS Router-** just like i said in the little, its allright if your looking for a cheap router that will get the job done but the reception distance is terrible, I cant go all the way down the hallway without losing reception. I have a home computer set up right next to the router so my computer works perfectl fine. But when im in my room down the hallway an my Ipod, Xbox, Labtop, it is very hard for me to get any reception.... and if i do end up getting reception its terrible..... very slow and just takes forever to do anything. The only good thing about it is that its not very expensive and if your close to the router it works perfectely fine. The only real problem is going far from it. I probably would'nt recomend to a freind. If i were in your shoes doing research before buying this product i would just get a money back garantee and just try it out, your expeirence may be different then mine. ***Goodluck***


Sun City, CA


Ease of set up and reliable performance, great value!


I take my online time more seriously than your average Mom.   It's my unwind and relax zone and after a busy tiring day I deserve it!  This router was a breeze to set up.  But what I love most about it is that after set up, I haven't had to think about it once.  Short and sweet ... Great Value, Great performance.


Ogden, UT


Keeps me connected


NetGear has been known to make quality routers and this is no exception. I have this set up upstairs and the signal is usable through out the entire house, even on both the front and back porches. My other router was a wired one and I just wanted to upgrade to a wireless for when I want to move my laptop around the house. The wired function works great as well, specially for xbox live and for when I want to do highspeed downloading without the fear of interferance from outside variables. Netgear has definately become one of my favorite brands and the N speed is definately a welcome addition from routers that only offer G. The setup is very easy to do and there were no real problems I encountered. It hooked up to my cable modem just fine, with the only other thing I had to deal was have them verify the router. After that I was online surfing in no time. This is a brand that I would recommend to anyone wanting to upgrade from a wired router or a G router.


Port Huron, MI


The Netgear DGN2000 is fast, reliable and easy to set up


    This unit is fast and reliable, any user can set it up easily and confortable, with almost skills in comptuer networking at all.  Any average user, can plug this unit, and have their computer or laptop find the unit and connect to you, easily.  A user can make the network secured with the built in walk through features.  With the DGN 2000, anyuser with little and no knowledge on how tow rok or connect to a network, will find themselves surfing the web or playing games quickly and easily.  As with most netgear products, it stands above the rest of the networking modules out there, as it sets up easily, connects faster, and will have little to no trouble at all.  Very little troubleshooting issues, easy maintenance, and easy control at your fingertips.  With this unti or any netgear unit, a person with no experience with computers or networking.  I would recceommend this to any of my customers as I use this unit myself in my home.


New Bloomfield, MO


My NetGear DGN2000-100NAS Router is exactly what I expected.


Recently my existing DSL modem/router combo that I purchased directly from my ISP failed leaving me without inter-net access. For myself & my family that spelled disaster. Like most of America our home just does not exist without a wireless & a wire inter-net connection.  I turned to our favorite national retail outlet & their in-home service group who came to the house with a new router/modem in hand to restore our service.  What they brought was the **NetGear DGN2000-100NAS Router.  ** Since then I have had to move it, turn it off, redo the settings, register it, and found that even I can do all of these functions with little or no effort.  There is no need for the directions, the Cd enclosed in the box, and most importantly one doesn't need any real technical knowledge.  In under 5 minutes, **ANYONE** can setup & maintain a secure home network using the **NetGear DGN2000-100NAS Router**. **NetGear** has made it very **SIMPLE**.


Coupeville, WA


Netgear Router

4.1 11