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Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router

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I get internet, but not always


The first few years this worked wonderful. I got a conection everywhere in my house. Even the basement and second floor. The design is very sleek, I love the white and enjoy the blue light. Anyway, the last fiew months I have been loosing conection for no reason. I also wanted to add another device to my wireless and I ended up having to reset it. So now I cant figure out how to make my conection secure. I'm no computer wiz, but I wish it was a little easier to do. Service & Support I never contacted costumer support, I just know that the troubleshooter wasn't always helpful




Horrible for hooking up multiple game consoles.


I think it would be better if they had better, less expensive tech support. after short warranty period they ask for more than value of new router for small ammount of assistance. The hardware isn't bad, just customer relations.


Franklin, NH


Netgear Wireless Router suits my needs!


This is my first wireless router and it works great to suit my needs. The only disappointment was that this particular one (I believe it was refurbished) did not come with the installation CD, instead I had to search for the installation instructions on the manufacturer's website, which were very hard to find. Once it was set up, I had no problems using it and it has been working great. I would definitely recommend this product.


Orefield, PA




My family has had a wireless router for quite sometime, I would say atleast four years. We were recommended Netgear by Comcast (the guys that set-up internet in our house). It's a quality product that so far has lasted us 4 years. We've never had to replace the box or any ethernet cable wires. We've never really had any internet glitches. If we have any any glitches they've been minor and it's pretty simple to reset the box. Once you unplug the box, wait 30 seconds and restart the box, the internet goes back to working as quick as usual. Our family is satisfied. It's a one time cost and does not require a huge amount of investment. When we needed a router for a small business we recently opened, getting a Netgear was a no brainer. It's a quality product and very user friendly. Even my non computer savvy mother feels comfortable using, resetting it. Netgear is the way to go if your looking for a solid wireless router.


Glenview, IL


Netgear works for me


I have had this Netgear wireless router for a few years and it works pretty good. The body of the router is pretty durable and I like that they've given you a few different input options. I have moved several times with this router and everything is still working like new and there isn't a scratch on it. There's even a cool LED light on top that lets you know that its functioning. But when I had a little trouble setting it up, I had to call customer service, who was of no help and actually had the nerve to get frustrated with me! After about 2 plus hours on the phone the router finally decided to work properly. Since then I have had no real issues with the router, except for the ocassional drop in signal strength. But that is a minor issue and has never lasted for more than a few minutes. The original price for the router was fairly cheap and I believe it is even cheaper nowadays. Overall, Netgear wireless router is a pretty good product that I'd reccomend.


Las Vegas, NV


Netgear makes one great product!


My husband bought this for me about 5 years ago...maybe 6 now. We bought it for me to work off my laptop at home and for us to connect to Xbox live. It was easy to set up, and I really mean that, we love technology, but we aren't always tech savvy. This was a breeze to do though. Plus, we've had no issues with it.  It has really held up remarkably well. Since we work odd hours and have kids, the router is left on 24/7. Never so much as a hiccup. Any connection problem we ever experienced was the fault of our wireless server, not our router. I was glad to see this on the list for review, I was just telling my husband that I wanted to write a review for it since it's served us so well. I suppose if you want to , you can spend tons more on some lavish router, but this one has been great for us. We run a computer, a laptop, and 2 gaming systems with it. No trouble whatsover. Worth it's weight in gold


Starke, FL


Wish I never bought this router


The Netgear WPN824 Wireless Router is a router that operates on the 802.11b/g spectrum. There are four Ethernet ports and supposedly reaches a theoretical wireless transfer rate of 108Mbps. The WPN824 router is rather sleek looking with glowing LED lights that you can thankfully turn off. However, that's about all I can say about the router that is praise worthy. Unfortunately, with my experience, the router does not last very long. I encountered a problem with it that cannot be fixed with a firmware update (and also at that time it was not supported with open source firmware like tomato or DD-WRT). The problem was mainly with the fact that somehow the router logs excessive data and is unable to free up its internal cache and data. When it gets too full, the router is unable to function as a router and as a result requires you to do a reset on it. Restoring or upgrading firmware did not fix the problem, and the constant resets were frustratingly annoying. The router barely lasted a year, and I have thankfully gotten rid of it.


Davis, CA


Pretty easy setup


Netgear products are easy to use and to install.  The only con I see is that the netgear router dies in a matter for a year or two.  Strange how the router would just die without any physical damage and also no apparent electrical surges. But overall install is pretty neat.


Englewood Cliffs, NJ


not bad


Cons: - We used to lose connection on all devices several times every evening until I disabled Maxrange and 108 Mb speed (can work only with devices with compatible Netgear cards) - Wireless access list doesn't work properly. Tech support told me I don't need it with wpa2 because wpa2 is secure. Maybe they're right, but why is it available with it and not working? Bad design. - Support was worthless - communication problems, bad connection and their only help was to suggest to stop using access list for wireless devices "because it is secure without it". I have since performed numerous factory resets and I kept having several one minute outages every evening until I disabled the two above mentioned proprietary features. It was very annoying. - Router went beserk after Panasonic security webcam tried to auto-configure UPNP for web access. It was altering from up and down every few minutes and I had to reload the firmware to revive it. - Until I added reservations for all my devices Mac addresses, the IP address of our iPhones kept getting incremented each time I would turn the screen on. Pros: Good range. Range is even more so amazing with Maxrange enabled but that makes it flaky. I recommend it only if you are using Netgear wireless cards.


Brooklyn, NY


Netgear wireless is great


 It was a little tough to get it started because i didn't use the manual, but i eventually figured it out. This wireless router is great we got it as a gift from a friend of ours and it has worked great ever since we got it. The reception around the house is great and sometimes outside of our house. But having too much range can be a bad thing because of hackers out there. One really cool thing about it is you can hook up other wires and run them to your ps3 or xbox or tivo, whereas before i couldnt had to use a wifi connection, which can slow it down if you have 6 or 7 things using the airwaves at the same time. Plus a wired connection is always better. But for things like the ipod touch and the droid, which cant be wired it is a very useful item and sometimes a necessity. It is pretty convenient in that it doesnt hog any computer space too. There have only been a few times where the wifi will stop working for a little bit and its really annoying.


Raleigh, NC


Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router

4.0 35