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It works reliably with no maintenance.


  When first searching for a connection to a new cable modem, adding a wireless router was of interest to add flexibility once the connection was inside the house.  The tech guys at the store I visited suggested the Netgear wireless router.  Now in a new house with a different cable modem and new service provider, the wireless router works just as it has from the day I first installed it - and the initial installation was a breeze.  The WG111 is on the receiving end and it was truly plug and play. Support from Netgear was needed once because, as a novice user, I was unfamiliar with the security key feature (a real benefit in areas where neighbors can tap into the network). The support staff was friendly and there was a minimal amount of waiting time.  The supporting documentation was weak, which prompted by call in the first place, but the issue was resolved quickly. Netgear routers - both wireless and wired - are also the standard at the company wherE I work, which I discovered after buying my router.  Maintenance is low and reliability is high. Based on my personal experience and feedback from the technical experts where I work, Netgear routers are well recommended.


South Hamilton, MA


very best buy


I have used this product twice on two different lap tops. The ease of connection is great. The reliably of the product is fantastic. I have other friends who are of a greater technical expertise than myself and they are the ones who recommended the product. I was reluctant at first because I was not familiar with wireless but now I would not have it any other way. I have not had any tech support issues other than remembering my key to first access the services. However, was not told to write the information down for later use but once that issue was resolved (not a product issue) all went very well. I would recommend this product again, again, and again. If you need something simple to use and something that is reliable this indeed is the product for you. As you can see I could not say enough good about it. So I encourage you to try it for yourself and see what a great product it is and I would recommend any net-gear products for your use. The best part however is that if you do need tech support it is available. I hope you the best with your new product


Jacksonville, NC


The Netgear WGB11


THE netgear wgb11 is a great product to buy. This product can help so much trying to connect to the internet. One day i had to write a paper on the great charles darwin the man of evolution, i had to do some research on him but my internet was soo slow i could not even connect!! so i went to my nearest electronic store asked a store employee and he recomended the product. I am so glad that he did. The minute i got home i connected this wireless adapter and just in a few seconds i had the best connection!! so from a profesional to another i strongly recommend this adapter to help with you internet connection issues. Also on my paper i got an "A"!, i was so proud of myself and it was all thanks to this great netgear WGB111.


Altamont, IL


I like my Netgear WGB111 Wireless Router


I am a full-time college student and I was looking for an affordable wireless router to get online for my classes that I take at home. I bought my Netgear WGB111 to use with an older desktop that I owned at the time and it woked great for my needs.My Netgear GWB111 wireless router came with a four foot USB cable extender making it really easy to find a signal no matter where I put my computer. I never had a problem with no or low signal strength and I was able to take my online classes without worry because I never lost connection. Also this wireless router was very easy to install, I was online in about five minutes it is definitely user friendly. I also was able to use the router on my Wii, it was great because I was able to stream my Netflix account by getting my Wii online using my Netgear WGB111.I have already reccomended the Netgear WGB111 to my friends and family and I would definitely reccomend the Netgear WGB111 to anyone looking for an affordable and user friendly wireless router.


Rome, GA


good signal strength, good compatabilty


I recently hooked up a third computer to my home network and needed another adapter.  My router and oriiginal adapter were D-Link but I had a hard time finding a good deal on more D-link hardwear so I decided to give Netgear a try.  I bought this Netgear adapter and it installed easily.  The device is plug and play and works flawlessly with my D-link hardware.  I was able to easily find and download the latest drivers from the Netgear website.  It actually shows a stronger signal strength on the new Netgear adapter than on the original D-link adapter.  I also like that it came with both a USB cable and a cradle that gives you a lot of freedom to place it in the best place for the strongest signal. My computer locations are rather spread out and I wondered if I would have a problem but it works great.  There are two things I dislike but they are small issues.  I don't like the little blue light it is too bright and very annoying when it flashes.  The device also seems to get hotter than my other adapter, not really sure if that is a problem or not.


Cape Coral, FL



4.4 5