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Netgear WGR614v5 Wireless-G Router

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Has been great for years.


I have had this item for three years and have not had a problem.  The only time it slows down is when we have more than two computer on it.  It is not too slow but enough for me to notice the difference.  I have always been able to get on the internet though this item.  I have been very satified.


Dunnellon, FL


Overheats, and loses connection


Great set of features, blocking HTTP, etc... good for parents who do not want their kids seeing porn, and certain websites... The wireless range is good, and usually steadyI had alot of issues with it overheating and needing reset, especially if i tried to use MSN messenger webcam, on my wireless laptop. There is a "fix" for this, but I never did it (opening the case, and drilling a bunch of holes in the casing....)I DO like this router alot better than the new one I have.I would still recommend netgear to people, just not this model... netgear is a great product line, and usually very reliable.. the just went a bit wrong with this one and the 624


Rock Falls, IL


Have it and love it


My husband and I bought this router to get Internet service on his Playstation 3 and my laptop.  It easily allows us to both work at the same time.  This is perfect for us since I prefer the comfort of sitting on the couch to work and to be in the same room as him.  My only drawback about this router is that the connection speed varies, but we never lose connection and it is always an excellent connection.  You get good quality when you purchase this Netgear router. 


Pittsburgh, PA


Super easy to follow on screen directions.


This was the best replacement.  So easy to install.  The on screen directions were easy to follow.  Step by Step.  I now have a secure network connection.   No stealers from off the street.  I have an excellent signal at the other side of the house, 50' and a couple of doors and walls.  Glad I switched to the Netgear Router.  


Panama City, FL


Not as good as the Previous models


I went with this Netgear router, because I previously had one of their originals versions of this router.  The original was fabulous, I never had any problems, and never had to reset it.  The new one drops the connection from the modem, nearly once every day.  It gets so frustrating.  I have had it too long to return it, but when this one dies on me, I will not be purchasing another Netgear.  It's time to turn to Linksys. 


Farmington, MN




the product is ok but the ethernet cord in the back always seems to come out just a little bit and i just got this thang!!other than that it works pretty good to me. hoepfully i wont have any more problems out of it anytime soon!!!!!!!!!!!  im sure there are some better ones ou there though that i would like to try!!!


Dallas, TX


Great Router


This unit works really good and sends a strong signal to any place in the house. I'm very happy with it. Once in a while I do need to restart the unit but this does not happen very often. It was eazy to hook up and use. Net gear has a very good quality unit at a resonable price.


Yuba City, CA


we are constantly having to reset this router, I want a new one.


I really hate this router. every day at least several times a day. It has to be reset. internet won't run if it isn't reset. My husband keeps saying it's the server, but funny every time the router is reset it works again. I do wish he would upgrade this thing already. It is so frustrating as I have to turn his computer on to reset. for some reason it won't reset from mine. my desktop computer. I haven't tried it on my laptop.


Livermore, CA




wireless router is good idea give us much easy time to browse interne and do alot of thing in the same time...and of course it gives us good time to write more and more review at view points so l just can say that wireless is really a good stuff for our home internet today


Covington, GA


Good router, unethical company.


The Netgear router is an ok router but needs restarting at least once a week. My REAL issue is with the company because they will not hold themselves to quality support and does not honor advertised rebates. I had the unfortunate instance of them losing my rebate material and then asking me to re-send the originals. Duh...YOU have the originals. Go with Linksys....good customer service and honarable.


Durham, NC


Netgear WGR614v5 Wireless-G Router

3.9 20