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Netgear Router

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This Router is Great!


Netgear router is a perfect fit for my family and our Wifi usage. I sent my Mom out to get this router because we needed Wifi connection in our home. We use several devices with the router. Our cell phones, our laptops, our game console, our tablets, and even my desk top. This router was a little pricey but it has been worth it. I always get a connection and it is a clear connection. It never fails us. We even let our friends and family connect to or router when they visit. I like that it has a unique password. This router is really compact. I have only a small work space in my home so having something that didn't take up a lot of space in my area. It sets up easily and will fit in any small space. Performance I've had this Netgear router for about a year and I have had nothing but a great experience using it. I have been really satisfied with the connection I get with this router and the consistency of it. The connection is just always there. Durability I have knocked this router over so many times over the past year. It doesn't have a scratch on it. Setup & Ease of Use This router was so simple and easy to set up.The instructions were clearly stated and easy to understand.




Summarize this product in one sentence.


This router is ok, but is definitely not the best out there. The connectivity of wifi does not stream very well, lots of pixilized viewing when watching TV through your wifi. Performance I had this router for over a year from Charter Communications, it was awful. I only could use the internet properly sometimes. Even when I did, there would always be an issue that Charter recognized & had to come out to fix in my home themselves. Durability The router itself was in my home for quite a while after we stopped using it. It was dropped a few times but it seemed to be in the same working condition it was before we stopped using. We found this out when we needed to use it once more before buying our own modem & router set. Setup & Ease of Use The setup is difficult because the router barely connects to any source. There's always a problem with it. I would not reccomend this product to anyone who needs their router for work purposes. I would only use this router on a need-to-use basis if it was the only thing I had, I would only use it on a computer with leisure activities as well. Service & Support Calling Netgear for customer support is like pulling teeth. No one speaks english properly & no one will directly answer our questions without going off on tangents about how you should buy something they offer for convenience. When they aren't trying to sell to you, they're not helping. Their staff is not very experienced.




Easy and Functional


I recently purchased this Netgear Wireless Router to use with my notebook and printer. I have to say that it was a breeze to set up. Pop in the cd, follow the prompts, hook a few cords, and viola: DONE! It was a super simple process and so far has been working perfectly fine, no problems or disruption of service as of yet. My brother has had one of these for years now and has not had any problems with it. This makes life so much easier without having to trip over cables running all over the house to connect all of your electronic equipment. Now everything works wire free!! It is small and compact and does not take up alot of extra space which is wonderful for someone with a small home or apartment where sizing is everything to keeping a clutter and jumble free home. My only problem with the router is that the ethernet cable thats runs from router to modem is a little short, but you could easily purchase a longer one from any electronics store. I love my new wireless home!


Chesterfield, NJ


I will give this router four stars, but it took me a while....


I have been a Comcast customer for years, and unlike many, I am extremely satisfied with their products and service.  I was particularly delighted to discover that when my original wireless router bit the dust, they would provide me with a new one at no charge. The installation directions were quite simple, however, I was unable to establish a wireless connection, and as I became more and more frustrated over the next 48 hours, I called tech support at Comcast.  I was informed that they could help to make sure my connections were correct, however, any further support had to come from Netgear.  I was also assured that like Comcast, tech support was available 24/7, which proved to be untrue.  When I finally reached Netgear on Monday morning, the original tech was of no help, however, the supervisor had me online within minutes. Ironically, the Scientific American Modem from Comcast and the Netgear Router are basically incompatible, but with some adjustment the problem was solved before I threw  the computers out the window in total frustration! 


Arlington, VA


Netgear's Wireless Router Is A Winner


I bought a Netgear router so I could use my laptop in different areas of the house and I was also looking for something with a name I recognized as well as price and ease of setup.  I found all that with Netgear.  Previously, I knew nothing about routers and am not a high tech geek in any way, so if I could set it up, you can too.  It comes with very good support instructions and software and and in the two years I've had it, it's never failed or malfunctioned.  You can easily see the status of whether it's working or not with the flashing green lights that tell you that it's getting a signal, an set up is really easy, with full instructions on how to set it for the top security settings.  It's small in size so it won't take up a lot of space on your desk or wherever you choose to use it.  As long as you don't abuse it or throw it around, it should last you a long time.  It has a small antenna thing that I presume sends the signal out, and I've been able to take my laptop quite a distance across the house and it works fine.  So far so good, so I can't really say anything bad about this router, it does the job and gives you all the settings you need to have a functional, secure wifi router at a reasonable price. 


Sacramento, CA


NetGear router is not reliable!


I bought a NetGear router when my son got a laptop.  The set up was fairly easy, but was unclear about certain things.  One simple, but much needed for "dummies," issue was the fact of which computer to put the installation disk in...the PC or laptop..?  After trying this both ways, the installation went well.  Another issue I had was that I could not get the WAP set up...or whatever its called to block your neighbors from getting your singal.  When I had someone help me fix all this, I thought my problems were over.  Not long after, my internet started going offline about once a week.  The self-fixer program on my PC said it was problems with the router.  When I would disconnect it, my internet would be fine.  Bottom line, I would NOT buy another product from NetGear.  I now have a Belkin and it is great!!


Inman, SC


no hassle installing


I had been using a Linksy router, I was throughly satisfied with it; however, when I had to replace it, I chose the Netgear router, because of the price.  This turn out to be a wise   decision.  It is user friendly and easy to maintain. The installation instruction are noted on the bottom of the unit for ready references.The unit is also smart looking and easily blends in with the rest of sytems, printers, external hardrives etc. It is completely compatible with the unit in my system.  No conflicts have been experienced to date.  I would willing recommend to others the uniqueness of this router.  I live in a house with three levels and the Netgear router has been able to handle the distance as yet.  this is most important because we have two different phone systems, which would make it difficult if not impossible to use router in all parts of the house.  if I had to rate on  a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this unit a 10.


Mcdonough, GA


Netgear Router

3.7 7