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Nestle - Violet Crumble

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Make Australia's favorite candy bar your favorite candy bar!


Years ago my husband brought back a few Violet Crumble candy bars from Australia.  I fell in love with them.  We lived in Connecticut at the time and a little store carried them.  I would buy them out whenever they would get them in.  Then, we moved. Enough time has gone by that I had almost forgotten about them until my brother moved to Australia.  One night we were talking and I mentioned the candy.  He said he loved them as well and would send me some.  Sometime went by and the candy had not arrived.  His wife spilled the beans and said that they had bought a case but that my brother had eaten them all.  She let me know that a new batch was on the way.  I couldn't wait. I left for a two week vacation in Utah before they arrived.  Several times I thought of the package and wondered if it had arrived.  I picked up the mail this morning and "Ta-da"!  the bars were there.  As soon as I got home I opened the box and sank my teeth into a Violet Crumble.  Yum!  It is as good as I remembered it being. The bars are made by Nestle.  They are a kind of unique freeze dried ice cream candy  covered in chocolate.  I can't even begin to explain what they taste like. Just know that it is good.  The inside crumbles as you bite into the bar which makes the motto on the bar understandable: "It's the way it shatters that matters"! Violet Crumble can be purchased in the states but it may take a little hunting to find some. **Bottomline:** They are super sweet. One bar goes a long way but the experience of trying one is worth the effort.

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Nestle - Violet Crumble

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