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Nestle - Pure Life Orange Splash

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Great Flavor


Nestle pure life orange splash, flavored waters taste so good. Nestle has added just enough orange flavoring and sweetener to give it a lightly sweetened tarty orange taste, without making it taste like orange flavored syrup. These waters usually come in a 6-pk and the cost is fairly cheap.



Kid friendly, love it.


Love. Love. Love it. This is a fresh, crisp water with a orange flavor that can not be compared to anything else that I have tasted. It is a nice touch of flavor. I would highly recommend this product. My kids have been taking it to school and I find they are drinking more than regular water.

Clinton Township, MI


Nestle Pure Life Orange Splash is a quick way to refresh!


Nestle Pure Life Orange Splash is a good product.  It tastes great super cold or room tempertaure.  I normally take it with me to work and it starts out cold but by the time I finish its warm.  So I think it's a good thing that it doesn't taste funky when warm.  It's enough hint of orange flavor and doesn't taste like some water downed medicine that you had to take a child for one thing or another.  I don't really care for the bottles so much because they are easily crushable.  It's good that they are thinner for enviromental reason and such but I like something sturdy to grab onto when drinking and not being afraid I'll squeeze to hard and have water down my shirt.  I like that it's 0 carbs and that it is made with Splenda.  It's convient to carry with me and I have a bag filled with them when I take long trips.  It's handy to have in the trunk to just grab one and go.  Overall good product.  Bottle is a little flimsy but that's my only complaint.

Green Bay, WI


The Orange Splash water is a great tasting thirst quencher


I love flavored water over plain water any day, but it always has to be a particular brand and that is Nestle Pure Life  I have tried all kinds and brands  The best tasting is the Orange Splash   It is not sold in enough stores   I try to purchase at least 2 6 packs a week but they are very hard to find   I have tried all of the splash flavors Even the ones that they do not make anymore   The mango was the absolute best   Now that I cannot get the Mango I opt for the Orange   I cannot live without it so I wish more stores would stock this on their shelves

Cincinnati, OH


Best Tasting Flavored Water Around!


**Nestle Pure Life Orange Splash is the best flavored water around! I love the Orange flavor! It is just enough, not over powering like some flavored water. A six-pack is around two bucks. I absolutely love it!**

Shelbyville, IN


Nestle - Pure Life Orange Splash

4.8 5