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Nestle Helados Delicias

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Takes me back to my childhood days in Mexico!!


I first try the "Nestle Helados Delicias" when they went on special at the Grocery store- There were  six different flavors to choose from. The  first flavor I tried was coconut. As soon as I took my first lick, I was immediatelly  taken back to my childhood days  in Cd. Juarez,mexico-  It tasted just like the  milk popsicles I would get from the  ice cream vendor on the street- Plenty of coconut flakes and not too sweet- I then decided to try the mango and then the tamarindo flavors and I once again, I was not disappointed Especially with the tamarindo flavor which had the right amount of sweetness and tartness- Delicious!!!I I can not wait to try all the other flavors  but the tamarindo and the coconut will definitelly be two of my favorite!! I highlly recommend these to anyone who wants to taste the flavors of mexican fruit and to anyone who grew up with these flavors and wants to experience them again!


Round Rock, TX


Nestle Helados Delicias: A Taste of the Caribbean


Nestle has a product called Helados Delicias, or Delicious Icecream, in English.  It's frozen dessert bars that come in a variety of flavors.  I found out about these popcicles when my boyfriend went grocery shopping last week.  He came home with several boxes of Helados Delicias, and the flavors were Mango, Tamarind, Coconut, and Strawberries and Cream. At first, I wasn't going to try any of them, but when I saw my boyfriend devouring a tamarind popcicle, I decided to try one.  The tamarind flavor was so intense.  As a Jamaican, I have eaten tamarind balls, which are little sugary tamarind candy, but I had never had the pleasure of eating a tamarind popcicle.  I ended up trying the tamarind, the mango, and the coconut popcicles.  It was really like having a taste of the caribbean. And I loved every scrumptious taste of it. My two favorites are the tamarind and the mango.  I recommend Helados Delicias popcicles to people who come from the Caribbean and to anyone who simply wants to try some flavors of fruit popcicles that they might not normally have.


Stamford, CT


Nestle Helados Delicias

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