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Hot Cocoa
Nestle - Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix

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We love the candy bar but the hot cocoa ... not so much.


It is still winter here in New York and my kids love playing in the snow.  When they come in the house, the first thing they ask for is hot cocoa.  I usually serve them the traditional Swiss Miss powdered chocolate brand.  On my last trip to the grocery store, my sons begged me to buy **Nestle - ****Butterfinger**** Hot Cocoa Mix**.  We all love the Butterfinger candy bars so this mixture sounded like heaven.  I agreed to buy a box and the boys and I couldn't wait to try it.  **The Facts** - Hot chocolate with famous Butterfinger taste - 99.9% caffeine-free cocoa mix - Chocolatey and peanut-buttery **My Experience**  This hot cocoa mix is the same as any other instant cocoa except for the flavor.  When I added the water to the cocoa mix in my cup, I could immediately smell the scent of Butterfinger candy bars.  Yum.  After my first sip, I have to admit that I was actually disappointed.  The smell of this cocoa definitely was stronger than the taste.  I thought maybe it was because I might have used too much water.  The directions say to use 6-8 fl. oz of hot water.  I used about 8 oz. in my mug but after tasting mine, I gave my sons 6 oz..  Regardless of the fact that I added less water, their opinion was the same as mine.  Don't get me wrong.  The cocoa isn't *bad* tasting.  It just doesn't have as much Butterfinger flavor as we would have liked.    **My Final Viewpoint** **Nestle - ****Butterfinger**** Hot Cocoa Mix **is good but not great.  There is a hint of Butterfinger candy bar taste, which does differentiate this from other plain hot cocoa mixes.  I'm not sure if I would buy it again though.  My kids weren't thrilled and actually they were a little let down.  As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a bad product, just one that I am not impressed by.  I am going with an average ***rating of 3 stars ***on this one. 


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Nestle - Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix

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