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Nespresso Romeo Automatic Espresso Machine

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My favorite item in my kitchen.


I upgraded from the Nespresso Citiz machine to this--what can I say, I'm an absolute Nespresso fangirl. First of all, lets talk about how gorgeous this looks. So sleek, modern, BEAUTIFUL. Perfect shots at the touch of a button, quick and easy and perfect for dinner parties when you want to pull a lot of shots. The Nespresso pod quality maintains year after year, and Nespresso is among the companies with the absolute best customer service imaginable. Customer for life.


Fairfax, VA


Nespresso Romeo make espresso enjoyable, perfect every time


I bought the Nespresso Romeo directly from Nespresso as a refurbished model. You cant' tell the unit is refurbished and it came in very nice packaging with the guides, etc. It was very simple to hook up. I love this machine because I can make espresso and cappacino both VERY easily. It also has a built-in frother/steamer so you don't need to have a separate piece of equipment on the counter. I like that it offers 2 coffee sizes, a single and double shot. The only place you can get the Nespresso capsules is from Nespresso online and a very few boutiques. At first this was a little annoying, but as long as you order plenty at one time, it's perfect. It's almost like you belong to an exclusive club. I like that the caspules are color coded for the different blends/flavors. After a short time, you will get to know which is which without having to refer to the guide. The machine's cup warmer isn't THAT great. I still warm up the cup using hot water, but it's a nice feature. You'd have to leave the cup up there for a lonf time before it's warm. The capsules are deposited into a resevoir which can hold about 14 capsules. It's very easy to clean and operate. I had another espresso machine I barely used becuase I just couldn't get a consistant tamp, water temp, etc. This machine takes out all the variable and delivers a perfect espresso every time!


Egg Harbor City, NJ


Nespresso Romeo Automatic Espresso Machine

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