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Nesco Classic Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, Porcelain Cookwell

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Thanksgiving day necessity!


This Nesco roaster has become my best friend on Thanksgiving and other holiday's. I can roast my turkey in it and leave my oven open for all the other goodies I have to make. It roasts my turkey's as well if not better than my oven too! I know you can cook a ton of other items in here too but I bought mine mainly for turkey's. It cooks it slow so the meat stays incredibly juicy. The inside of this roaster comes out so cleaning is pretty easy. It was also very affordable! Toasting Evenness Well you can't toast in a roaster but this roasts very evenly. Safety Very safe to use. Outside will get somewhat warm but not super hot. Ease of Cleaning The inside holder comes out and is dishwasher safe. Durability Very durable, we use it every holiday and it has held up very well over the years. I even wrap it in a towel and take it with to other people's houses and it is still undamaged and works perfectly. Design It is pretty big, it is an 18 quart roaster, but the color is very nice and it looks good sitting out while in use.



Nesco Roaster


Nesco Roaster oven is a well thought out appliance all except the color red. I like the appliance though because it's almost like using a slow cooker but you really have more than enough room when making a roast to add in the potatoes and all the vegetables almost like a one stop shopping supermarket. When dinner is ready nit really is ready as at the end you can even through in some rolls or biscuits to hest up. One large pot to clean up and that really save quite a bit of time in preparing, quite a bit of time in clean up as you can just image how many pots and pans you would need for the vegetables, potatoes, biscuits, etc... You can even through in some barley to give it a thicker base and adds so much more flavor to your meal. Think about what you would feel like walking in your door at night and just smelling the delicious aroma of a beef dinner or a roasted chicken dinner which by the way is starting to make me hungry at just the thought. Take a look at one today.

freehold, NJ


I cannot live without it!


I always make the turkeys in my family. I saw one of these in the store and decided to try it. My turkeys are perfect now. They are brown and juicy. They are never dry. This is so easy to use and very easy to clean and store. Gone are the days of basting. Because of this I even make turkey more often. Sure, you can make other items in this and they turn out just as well, but when it comes to turkey...this is it! No more foil! No more dry turkey! No more endless basting! Because it cooks on the counter it is also easier to check the temperature for the proper temp. I really like this. the Stainless Steel finish is top notch and it, too, cleans easily. It stores well and does not take up too much space. I even purchased one for my camper! I highly recommend this roaster oven. Turkey has never been better in my house.

Plymouth, PA


Nesco Classic Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, Porcelain Cookwell

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