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Nerf N Strike Maverick Rev-6

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Fun gun


This is one of the first nerf gun revolvers that I used, and it is a great classic. No longer do you need to load a separate dart after each shot. Instead, it allows you to shoot six times before reloading. A button releases the cylinder to swing out to the side and load quickly, much like many real revolvers (as opposed to rotating the cylinder around one opening that only allows one dart to be placed in before the cylinder is rotated by 1/6 for the next dart). The slide on the top is pulled back to cock the gun, and it needs to be pulled back for each shot. For our young kids, it can be a bit stiff and difficult for them to pull simply because they don't have enough strength in their hands yet, but for someone older, it is very smooth and easy to pull. It hardly ever misfires, and the darts shoot pretty accurately. The darts also hold together well. With other brands, the rubber or suction ends often fall off after some use. But we have not had that problem with these guns.




Nerf N Strike Maverick Rev-6

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