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Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Maximum Strength Antibiotic/Pain Relieving Cream

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Neosporin: Effective & Trusted


Neosporin is the brand I trust for all my cuts and scrapes. Not only does it heal, but this formula also relieves pain. It really does work. Personally, I don't like the cream as well as the ointment, but that's just me. I know it is just as effective, but I just don't like the consistency. Other than that, I feel good knowing that my wounds will heal quicker and not get infected with Neosporin.




Even better with pain relief


I am a firm believer of Neosporin I have used it for many years. The only thing that I can trust to help heal a sore faster then ever. Then they finally came out with Neosporin plus pain relief maximum strength and not only is it a fast healer it now makes the Pain go away. I especially love this because I feel bad when my kids get a scrape or something and I wish I cold take the pain away for them. Now I can with this.




I would not be without neosporin in my medicine cabinet


Neosporin is the best anti-bacterial product on the market. I have tried store brand antibiotic products and I have found that they do not promote healing as well as Neosporin. My skin is delicate and sensitive and easily prone to infection. I apply Neosporin to any scape or cut and I find that the redness is gone by the next day and the wound is healing nicely and practically gone by the end of a week. I have at least two tubes of it in the house and one out in our machine shed. We are farmers and a prone to injuries rather frequently. Plus we work in a less than sanitary environment. My husband and son also use Neosporin on their injuries without question. They rely on this product to prevent infections and promote quick healing. The pain-reducing medication is a definite plus to take the sting out of a cut or scrape. I recommend this product without question. Don't buy the store brand. Effectiveness fast Ease of Application a little bit greasy Side Effects no side effects at all


Medford, WI


Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Cream is a household staple!


Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Maximum Strength Antibiotic/Pain Relieving Cream really is a great product. It helps our boo boos heal faster and keeps them from getting infected along the way! YAY, because this mom of 3 boys always is tending to cuts and scrapes, as well as my own clumbsy kitchen accidents such a burns and knife gashes!!! I keep Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Cream in my house and ready to go at all times. Effectiveness I find that most Neosporin products are awesome. This Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Cream is formulated with 3 antibiotics to help kill off icky bacteria. It has a pain reliever as well, which is a plus, but I don't really notice the pain killing benefits. I still tell my kids that it has it and they seem to think that it works...so A+! Ease of Application Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Cream seems a little slicker to me than the original formuls (maybe due to the added pain relief medicine). This didn't bother be so much, just after you put a band aid over this, it tends to ooze out further than the original formula. Not a huge deal, I just use a little less when using a band aid. But when I don't use a band aid it tends to stay greasy and can be messy when I apply it to my kids; they jump on couches, bump up in to things, walls, clothes so it does transfer if you use to much - takes awhile to absorb. Side Effects I noticed NO side effects after using Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Maximum Strength Antibiotic/Pain Relieving Cream on myself or my children. YAY!


Livonia, MI


Alleviates pain, kills infection


I often cause painful damage to my hands with the different types of work I do at home and around the house-cracks from constant handwashing, and cuts from yardwork, among other recreational things.  The throbbing of a cut is miserable, and sometimes keeps me awake at night.  I keep Neosporin + Pain Relief handy by my bed or in my bathroom, so I can take care of it quickly, and prevent infection.  It is handy for any painful small sore, even inside my nose.  Its good when my ear-pierced holes get infected, or when I get painful blisters on my feet.  It obviously is useful on any type of cut, and clearly prevents and eliminates infections.  When a cheaper option of the same cream is available, I will buy that, because its far too much money for such a small tube of cream.  I wish it came in a much bigger, economy size.  Bactine is also very useful for painful cuts, but of course doesn't have the infection-fighting ability.


Fairfield, VA


Good for emergencies!!


I keep this antibiotic cream on hand at all times. We usually have a grandson that will hurt himself by falling off a bicycle or other scrape that needs cleaning and attention. I hadn't used it myself though until we went on vacation and I stuck my hand in my husband's shave kit and his razor was turned up instead of down. At first it didn't hurt but it did not take long for the pain to come. Wow!! That pain was incredible. I grabbed this tube of ointment and several band-aids to squelch the bleeding. Because the cut was fairly deep, I expected many days of discomfort and pain. It only took several days of ointment and band-aids and the wound began to heal on its own. Ironically, months later, I still remember that pain. I will be much more careful about where I stick my hand again. Thank goodness I had packed this ointment and thank goodness for the pain relieving analgesic and healing properties. It works!!


SmallTown, TX


Kills the pain and the bacteria too!


When you live in a household with five sons, antibiotic ointments and first aid products are an absolute must. One or the other of them is constantly getting scraped, cut, poked or something. My boys play hard. They like their game systems, but they don't sit in front of them all day. They usually play games at night but during the day, especially during the summer, their days are spent playing baseball, football, basketball, skateboarding, wrestling with other, climbing trees, fishing in the creek, or SOMETHING. They are very active and their activities very often leave them with boo-boos! Enter the antibiotic cream that kills more types of bacteria than any other antibiotic cream on the market: **Neosporin Plus Pain Relief, Maximum Strength, First Aid Antibiotic Cream**. Whether it's a rug burn from an inside wrestling match, a scraped knee from sliding into home or slip sliding off of the mat onto the grass, or a bug bite that they scratched a little too much, this antibiotic ointment is the very best. It keels bacteria that could cause serious infections and it even soothes the pain from the wound. You can't get any better than that! **Product Details**: ***"No other over the counter antibiotic cream kills more types of bacteria. Soothes painful cuts, scrapes and burns while preventing infection. Use Neosporin Every Cut. Every Time. First aid to help prevent infection and provide temporary relief of pain or discomfort in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns." *** **Active Ingredients: **Each gram contains: Polymyxin B Sulfate (10,000 units), Neomycin (3.5 mg), Pramoxine Hydrochloride (10 mg).**Inactive Ingredients:** *Emulsifying Wax, Methylparaben, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Poloxamer 188, Propylene Glycol, Water (Purified), White Petrolatum.* My sons are much too physically active to NOT keep Neosporin Plus Pain Relief, Maximum Strength, First Aid Antibiotic Cream on hand at all times. Boo-boos equal bacteria and pain and bacteria equals infection. This product stops the pain and stops the bacteria from causing infections. It's the best product of it's kind on the market, and my family derserves the best, especially when it comes to their health--and so does your family! I definitely recommend this antibiotic ointment over all others.


Tiny Town, GA


NEOSPORIN is my #1 hurt healer!


I've used **NEOSPORIN **for a long time. Usually I would use it for little cuts and scrapes that were in places that would likely get infected. I smear it on, slap a band aid on it and not worry about it anymore. I love the fact that it starts fighting bacteria on contact. I have recently found a new use for Neosporin. Especially now that the pain relief formula is available, I have found it to be a perfect hand cream for my winter abused hands. You know how when the weather is bitter cold it seems your hands take the worst of it. I know mine do. Mine get dry and cracked and more dry and more cracked and those little cracks get sore and hurt like crazy. Well, I started rubbing them down with **NEOSPORIN **at night before bed and by morning those sore cracked hands felt so much better. I've now decided that come spring when I start working in my flower beds, my newly found "hand healer" will continue to be my hands best friend!


Bowling Green, KY


Our household will never be without Neosporin!


Any house with children(or accident prone adults) should have Neosporin. At our house bandaid&neopsorin are one word! Any cut or scrape gets bandaid and neosporin! It doesn't even give the cuts or scrapes a chance to become infected. And they heal so much faster with neosporin! Also--the cream is a must. We like it so much better than the ointment. The ointment seems to coat the sore, not giving it a chance to 'breathe' and get air to it, which is crucial to the healing process as well. You can also rub the cream on if you don't require a bandaid and there is no greasy feel. We have gone through many tubes of Neosporin cream...it will always be a staple in this house...right there beside the bandaids!


Holt, MO


Helps soothe "boo-boos"


I have always used the regular Neosporin in the past because I liked the way it helped small cuts and scratches heal much faster, with less scarring. One day I noticed the Neosporin plus pain relief cream at the store, and thought I'd give it a try. I have noticed the same benefits from the pain relief version that I have enjoyed in the past with the regular version. The cut or scratch heals much more quickly without infection and the redness goes away much faster. In addition, as the name of the product suggests, the sting of the injury is taken away. I like this additional benefit of the product because it's a time and money saver. I don't need to use a separate medicine to help with the pain of a small cut. My kids notice the difference too. When they get a boo-boo, they ask to put Neosporin on it by name. It helps them to feel better more quickly. I also now that it is killing the bacteria so their wound will be much less likely to become infected.


Sun City, CA


Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Maximum Strength Antibiotic/Pain Relieving Cream

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