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Neosporin Neo to Go Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray

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just ok


I bought this new Neosporin Neo to Go Antiseptic/pain relieving spray with high hopes because it was coming from the Neosporin brand. I could really relate to the commercial ad campaign they ran of the mom being at the park and their child falling and she needs something immediately so she just pulls out the Neosporin Neo to Go Antispectic/pain relieving spray and takes care of the boo boo right there on the spot. But I was no longer excited about it after the first time using it. The lid comes off easily in my purse so the application part gets dirty easily, which isn't very sanitary to start with. Then when I spray it on my child's skin it drips a bit and I'm never positive that it is actually on the spot it needs to be on. I would rather just carry around a tube of original Neosporin. At least I can see where its applied and it creates sort of a barrier on the boo boo. I won't be purchasing this Neo to go anymore. Effectiveness I'm really not sure of its effectiveness because I was so disappointed with the application and the packaging that I haven't really given it much of a try. Ease of Application The packaging is quite awkward and it's not as easy as it looks to just quickly pull out this product and spray it quickly. Side Effects There are no side effects that I have been made aware of.




Neosporin to go spray is great for the playground


I have always trusted Neosporin brand products to be high quality and something I could trust to keep my kids safe from infection. When I heard about the Neosporin to Go Antiseptic Spray with Pain Relief Wound Cleansers I had to give it a try. I have five rough and tumble boys and they are always getting into minor emergencies so I always keep a tube of neosporin on hand but it is tough to treat a wound when away from home. I usually just try to flush out anything that is stuck in the wound with some bottled water and depending on how traumatized the child is (some kids think the world is coming to an end with just a minor scrape) I may apply neosporin ointment or just leave it until we get home. The Neosporin to Go Antiseptic Spray with Pain Relief wound cleanser did an ok job with relieving a bit of my kids anxiety but it didn't seem to really do much to remove any sand or debris from the scrape. It didn't sting and I do feel better about using it as opposed to not using anything but I tend to use it as a temporary thing to hold us over until I can get home where I can really clean it and apply an antibiotic ointment.


Appleton, WI


Neosporin to Go is great for home and away!


Neosporin is really the leading brand when it comes to wound care and antiseptic creams. I have been using it since I was little on cuts and wounds! It helps to heal the cut and keep it clear of any infection. This new "to go" packaging is great, because there is no cap to lose (why do they always seem to get misplaced within just a few seconds?)! It is in a small, oval package (like maybe three inches or so) that can be slipped into a purse, diaper bag, glove bog, backpack, suitcase, etc. You just aim and spray! I bought it originally to take it on a field trip when I was a volunteer mom for my daughter's class, but we have since used it at home, too. It sprays, but not too far -- it can easily be applied to even a small cut, and a band aid will still stick to the surrounding skin, which is important! It isn't like Bactine -- do you remember that stuff? It stung like the dickens, if memory serves me! This spray is healing and soothing, and it takes out the hurt from a boo boo! Side Effects No side effects -- not even a stain on our clothes!


Omaha, NE


Best. Invention. Ever.


I have a toddler who is always on the go. He started walking at 10 months and hasn't stopped in nearly two years. He is always running, and neve looking where he is going. This means he is always covered in scrapes and bruises. He also HATES bandaids. GOD FORBID you put a bandaid on this kid. Enter Neosporin spray. Like a knight in shining armor you are here to save my sanity! It takes two seconds to spray it on and then he's up and running again! I have one in the car, one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, one in the medicine cabinet. It is a perfect size and it really lasts. I was a little nervous at first because it looks so small. I thought it would run out quickly and not be cost effective. It is quite the opposite. With the cream I am always squeezing too much out and wasting. With the spray you get just enough, no waste. Man, I should get paid to sell this stuff!


Charlotte, NC


Great on the Go Neosporin


I love Neosporin from thet get-go. I'm a true believer. When I saw this handy travel spray, I just had to get it! I love to take my dogs to the park, and when it's sunny, I'm wearing shorts. And, my boys sometimes hop up on me and scratch my legs. I've often times gone home with big swollen scratches on the fronts of my legs from their claws. Nothing that hurt too bad, but looked bad and certainly was likely to be infected. Now, with this handy to-go spray thingy, I can spray it on the cut, and I'm good to go. Very helpful when there isn't a restroom area around where I can wash out the cut. The ONLY problem - PLEASE make sure your husband doesn't accidentally use it as a breath freshener. The container is identical. My husband found it in my car coin compartment and almost sprayed it down his throat before I screamed at him that it wasn't a breath freshener. Otherwise, it's an awesome product!


Saint Simons Island, GA


So Handy


I work with kids and someone is bound to get a skinned knee, scratch, paper cut, etc, so I always have a first aid kit with me.  This is so small and handy, I can fit it into a mini first aid kit in my car.  Because it's a spray kids don't freak out as much either.  I can get it out and spray the cut so fast that kids don't have the time to react and have a crying fit.  I've used it myself, admittedly while I was driving, and it was so easy that I sprayed my paper cut and got a bandaid on by the time the light turned green.  It actually doesn't burn as much as other antiseptics as well, also helpful for kids.  Parents, you have to get this, just toss it in the car/purse/wherever.  The only complaint I have about it is the aim.  It's a little hard to judge where exactly it'll spray and how evenly it will spray, I tend to have to do 2 sptrizes, one as the test run and the second to get exactly where I want it.


Watsonville, CA


I love the Neosporin Wound Cleaner


I bought this looking for more of a wound wash, for the times when you would need to get dirt or rocks out of a cut/scrape. I did not find that it worked well for that, though it does say that it can be used for cleansing wounds. I did find that I really like neosporin wound cleanser and it's now a staple in our medicine cabinet. I like to by the foam bottles though, as opposed to the spray "to go" version. It's small enough to fit in a portable first aid kit or my purse, and it's big enough to find in my medicine cabinet at home! My children love the foam and I find that it is a great distraction when they are hurt to watch the foam! I will spray it on and have them watch as the bubbles go away. It is fascinating to children! That is the main reason that we use it, oddly enough. I am glad to know that it kills the germs, I also really appreciate that you can trust it to never, ever sting! I definatly will keep using it as long as I have children in my home! 


Portland, TN


Easy to use


Neosporin Neo to Go! First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray is a terrific product.  I have always used Neosporin products and was very excited when this first came out!  It is easy to take along anywhere.  Just through it in your purse or bag and you're ready to go.  It is small so it doesn't take up much room in a first aid kit.  I have one of those small travel sized first aid kits from J&J that I keep in my bag and it even fits inside that small box.  I like that it has a loop on the end because it allows you to hook it on to things so its easy to find.  I've never had a problem with this leaking.  I used to have to keep the cream in a baggy for fear it would squeeze up inside my purse and make a mess.  The spray is very easy to apply and covers the wound without you having to rub anything like with the cream.  The pain relieving part is also great and it really does help relieve pain. 


Kenosha, WI


Handy Product


Everyone in the family loves this handy Neosporin take along spray. I bought this because it was on sale and I had a coupon for it and thought it would be worth a try since we already used neosporin cream on every cut and scrape.  I was pleasantly surprised when I had to use it the first time for a cut my daughter received. She was only a toddler at the time and it was much easier to convince her to stand there while I sprayed the Neosporin then to try to get her to stand still while I applied cream. She didn't even flinch when it came in contact with the wound and to my surprise it really didn't drip or run all over the place. When I finally had my own cut and was able to try the spray I was happy to find that it still numbed the wound and provided pain relief like the cream does. The spray is also handy to keep in a purse or diaper bag and have available for those on-the-go accidents. It also allows your hands to stay grease free and is much more sanitary because hands don't come in contact with the wound at all.  


Albany, OR


Neosporin to Go Antiseptic Spray with Pain Relief, Love it!


This is what we call, in our home, "boo-boo spray." The kids love it. They swear that it doesn't hurt at all, no matter how bad the "boo-boo" is. What a relief! Finally an antiseptic that doesn't cause the kids to cry harder and make you feel worse for trying to help them! It is compact, so it can be stored just about anywhere. You squeeze it together, like pepperspray:), so there is no chance that it would accidentally spray itself it you tossed it into your purse. These are good for medicine cabinets, first aid kits, purses, diaper bags...I also love that it is a thin spray, not a thicker cream that can be hard to spread around a wound and again, cause more pain for your child. It dries quickly too, so bandaids can be applied soon after you use it. I have used both the Neosporin Antiseptic Spray with and without Pain Relief. The kids seem to like the one with the Pain Relief better, so that is what we love!


Jacksonville, FL


Neosporin Neo to Go Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Spray

4.5 10