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Neosporin LT Lip Treatment

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Made my chapped lips burn even more!


I purchased Neosporin LT while on a trip a couple years ago. It was winter and my lips were very chapped and dry. I had seen commercials for this product on TV and it seemed like just the thing to help my symptoms. And I trusted it to work since it was from the Neosporin brand. However, soon after applying it, I was very unhappy with the product. First, it had a very strong smell, like menthol or something. This irritating smell began wafting up my nose from my lips. Second, as soon as I applied it to my lips, they started burning and tingling. It really hurt. I assumed this must be normal and decided to wait and let the product "work". After about 20 minutes, I wasn't getting any relief. In fact, my lips felt worse. I wiped the product off my lips and then applied regular Neosporin ointment to my lips instead, which soothed them. I decided I would never use Neosporin LT again. Instead, I always stick with regular Neosporin ointment, which also comes with pain relief in it now.



Heals dry lips overnight!


Neosporin LT Lip Treatment combines the healing power of Neosporin with a lip balm. I have a problem with very dry lips in the winter that are prone to cracking.  I do not get cold sores so I am not sure how effective this product is for that. I use this lip treatment l before going to bed and in the morning my lips are always soft.  It also has a pleasant scent unlike other medicated lip balms.  Before I found this I used Carmex to sooth my dry lips but this is MUCH better because the formula is less harsh and it takes away the pain of cracked lips just as well.  One tube lasts me quite a long time when I only use it at night.  Downside: It is kind of thin so I find myself reapplying in a short amount of time.  Also if you get it on your fingers it is kind of slick and requires you to wash it off. Another weird use for this product: My boyfriend and I have an English Bulldog who has a really dry nose that cracks. The vet told us to put artificial tears on his nose but that did not work.  We started using regular Neosporin on it but he would lick it off and we were worried about it making him sick.  We tried using this lip treatment because it is safe for human's to use and to our surprise it worked! His nose no longer has cracks and it is finally healed.

Mount Vernon, IL


It works to keep cold sores from forming at the first sign.


In my experience Neosporine lip treatment works wonderfully on keeping my coldsores from forming. Once I feel the first tingle I apply the lip treatment and the cold sore never forms. Thank you for a wonderful medicine. 

Portland, OR


Blech!! Use only if desperate!


I get cold sores and chapped lips.  I always keep my eyes peeled for a new lip balm that might just heal cold sores faster or keep my lips moisturized longer.  This neosporin lip treatment didn't do a thing for me.  When I first recieved a tube of it, I thought to myself, "Neosporin anti-biotic cream works, so this will too."  Boy was I let down. When I use the ointment, it seems to slide off my face.  It was really oily feeling and one minute it would be on my lips and the next it would vanish without achieving anything.  So I set the tube aside wondering if maybe my lips had to be seriously chapped or damaged for it to really work.  Neosporin is known for going on owies aftera all.  But when I did get a cold sore, and tried the lip treatment on it, I had the same results.  Only now I had a soggy cold sore on my face from putting the greasy stuff on it. The Neosporin Lip Treatment doesn't even work as chapstick to keep your lips moisturized.  Nor does it work like Carmex to heal scabs and other owies.  So I give it a poor rating.

American Fork, UT


A true lip treatment that heals severely chapped lips fast.


** Quick View:** I don't get cold sores but my lips are dry all the time, in all seasons. Over the winter, they were so dry that my favorite "fun" balms and butters just didn't cut it. I bought Neosporin Lip Treatment hoping it would help relieve the severe dryness and chapping. To my amazement, this treatment was very effective and I now keep a tube around all the time for deep treating my dry lips. **My Use** I applied the product to my dry, very parched lips and was surprised at the consistency. I guess I was expecting a cream of some sort. This was not like that. It is thick and somewhat heavy but quickly absorbs and just leaves a protecting veil of true softness behind. It is neither sticky nor greasy and I can wear it to bed and wake up with my lips feeling amazing and no greasy residue on my pillowcase. This product can be used up to four times daily. I use it that way when my lips are super dehydrated and chapped. When they are just mildly chapped, I will use this treatment before bed and use my other lip gunk during the day. It works and it works fast! My lips respond almost immediately to the product and I can feel them healing. ** My Viewpoint ** Neosporin Lip Treatment is not a fun flavored butter or balm. It is a treatment and works as such. I am very impressed with the results I have gotten from this product. My lips were so dry and chapped at times that they would bleed. No more now that I have found this product. I will use it all winter and in other seasons, but more sparingly. I highly recommend this product to anyone battling severe chapped or dry lips. I don't know how effective it is on cold sores but I bet it works just as well. ***5 stars.*** It's not fancy but it is effective.

The heart of , NY


Neosporin LT Lip Treatment

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