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Neato Robotic Vacuum

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best vacuum ever


I was extremely skeptical for a long time about these types of vacuums, however, after a few years and life getting super busy with kids we decided to invest in one and boy am I glad we did! We just set it to a schedule of days and times we want it to vacuum and gets the job done pretty well. It vacuums in straight lines so I know can see where it vacuumed and leaves the room looking nice. It also cleans right up against the walls as well. It will map out your room the first time you get it so that it knows where the furniture is. Also if it is vacuuming and needs to go back to base to charge its battery, it charge then continue to where it left off so it is not revacuuming and wasting the charge. When the bin is full it lets you know and that pretty easy to empty and put back as well as replacing the filter. The only thing I do not like is how loud this vacuum gets, it sounds like an airplane ready to take off, but after awhile we got used to the noise and we have it scheduled to vacuum when we are out of the house.

Antioch, IL


Neato XV-14 is NEAT!


I actually have the Neato XV-14. I love this little "guy". He is easy to program so I have him programed to vacuum my great room, dining room, hall ways, and kitchen every day at 9:30 am. We have two pugs and they shed and the floors are hardwood. He just goes out every day and does his thing. He goes easily from the hardwood up onto area rugs. The dirt bin everyday is FULL of dust and dog hair. He does not do as good a job on the area rugs with the dog hair as my upright vacuum...but I am certainly not going to do all that vacuuming every day. It is wonderful to not see all that dog hair everyday and I don't feel so guilty that I only vacuum once a week. Maneuverability He manuvers him self. If he get's stuck he "calls" to me and his screen tells me to clear his path and he will continue. and he does. If he runs out of power he will go back to his docking station and recharge and then go back and continue where he left off. Ease of Maintenance dirt cup is easy to clean Suction Performance Not as good as my upright, but I did not expect it to be. It is good enough for me. It is not meant to totally replace me vacuuming.

Redmond, WA


Neato Robotic Vacuum

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