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Portable Car GPS
Navigon Portable GPS Navigator

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After 3 different GPS systems, the Navigon is the best!


We purchased the Navigon 2000 GPS system November 2008.  Since then we have used it in our Motorhome and car for well over 20,000 miles.  It has NEVER steered us wrong, even when we thought we knew better and went a different road, she re-calibrated route and helped us get where we were going. This is a very easy to use navigation system, with upgrades on the internet.  We had 3 'other' systems in the past 4 years, and the Navigon is the most superior.

Cheyenne, WY


Decent product for the price


I'm reviewing a Navigon GPS device. I purchased this item a few months back and its pretty decent. Gets me where I want to go for the most part which is the whole idea. Its very easy to use which is a plus. Sometimes it doesn't give the best way to get there says my boyfriend but when you have no idea where you're going or how to get there, it works wonders! I really only have two complaints and that would be 1) once you turn it on it takes a min. or two to find a signal and 2) if you charge it with a wall charger it remains on the charging screen and you can't use it. Its not a big deal that it takes a min to ifnd a signal usually but when i dont know which way to turn out of a parking lot then it can be but it always works out. Overall though, Its a decent product. Usually Im not huge on brand names but for this product I would definitly say the higher the price the better the quality. Because I know the Garmin is more expensive but way nicer!

Milton, WI


product os pretty good, support is the absolute worse!!!


I've had this unit for ~2 years. I really like it (also have a tom-tom)and really have not had a problem until now. I purchase the 12 update freshmap, but can not update my unit because the mapsare toolarge for the unit. Unit has a slot for microSd card, but can not get one to be recognized, have contact thier tech support 4 time and they still can tell me what to try to make it work. They keep telling me to remove the sd card from my unit (my unit uses internal memory) and load the software....they have an 800 number, but there is no way to talk to a human!!!! Poorest of any service I've every experenced...  Even though I like the unit, I will never purchase another Navigon again...

Cypress, TX


Navigon - very simple


i bought this item for my Mom for her birthday. She does not work electronics very well, but she found this item very easy to use. It has on screen menu board that will walk you through whatever you need to do, no need for an unstruction booklet. I have owned a Magellan, and a garmin, and this was the best for the money. I would recomend this product to anyone.

Montgomery, IL


Navigon Portable GPS Navigator

3.5 4