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Portable Car GPS
Navigon 7100 Portable GPS Navigator

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Horrible GPS Unit


My husband bought this model while we lived in Italy. It would ALWAYS get us lost and never took us to the right address. It also would not allow us to update the maps so they were very dated. We hoped that it would work better once we came back to the states, but it was even worse here. We visited Utah and it would not put in the addresses. It was completely useless in the whole state. We haven't used it since and just rely on our phones since we do not want to send that much again.


Phoenix, AZ




The Navigon 7100 is a good device.  But it lacks user friendly options.  When looking for a quick destination.  It requires much attention to detail.  It's great for point to point addresses.  Some times it will give you a longer than disired route. 


Claymont, DE


Don't Buy any of these units


From the start, these units have a problem with Amarillo, Texas. The systems hangs when you attempt any stops in the area of Amarillo. In the beginning, I received many efforts to resolve the issue, then Navigon issues an email that they will not longer take phone calls, and all emails are not answered. Every attempt at email is met with an automated response that wants you to go through many hoops, one of which is to send the unit back to them. I have already exchanged the unit twice and the problem persis. They sell an update that is a subscription that is supposed to be every quarter - I have received only ONE this year and that did NOT fix the problem. No one ever responds to my emails and I have even called long distance to speak to someone and no one ever answers the phone - only voicemail. My guess is that this is a skeleton company and have no support personnel and their units are the worst of the lot since this error is ONLY on their units! They attempted to blame NAXTEQ, but navteq has no issue with any location in the country! Definetly, do not buy these units from Navigon. The error + the FACT that they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER!


Georgetown, TX


Navigon 7100 Portable GPS Navigator

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